Protein Selection for Better Digestion?

Hello guys!
what should i look for in a protein supp as my old one seems to create me such a bloating and its hard for digestion and its the most know, the whey gold standard…
a plant based maybe is better?
how can i solve this digestive/absorption issue to continue with protein?

Regular whey and casein both give me issues, some bloating and some in sinus inflammation but Biotest Mag-10 and BCAA structured peptides don’t at all. I wouldn’t exaggerate about that since they are pretty expensive, but I’ve tried regular whey again recently and went back to breathing issues and bloating. Mag-10 is “highly hydrolyzed” so it is broken down into protein pieces that are too small for the body to recognize as allergens. Any product that is “highly hydrolyzed” should prevent inflammatory, bloating or allergenic reactions.

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id like to try Biotest’s products its just that im outside the us and have some doubts about deliveries etc
may i ask you what ratios have the bcaa u use? i mean 4:1:1 or something else?
have u ever tried plant based protein?

Soy made me sick. That’s the only one I tried and many years ago.

20 grams of BCAA structured peptides has 5 g leucine, 5 grams other BCAAS and 10 grams EAAs.

wow thats amazing really…
do you think if i try hydrolized whey would be better?

Hydrolyzed only means that the large proteins are somewhat pre-digested into smaller pieces. There may still be some full sized polypeptides, and the ones that are broken down may still be fairly large.

Based on the label, Mag-10, and BCAA structured peptides are hydrolyzed down to the point where they ONLY contain 2 and 3 amino acid chains (di- and tri-peptides). I say this because the label lists di- and tri-peptides, and lists no other ingredients that would contain any protein so if the label is complete, there are no protein chains longer than 3 amino acids. Hydrolyzed whey might solve the problem though since it is still significantly simpler to digest.

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Thank you so much for the detailed answers and for helping me in this, hope I’ll find the right supp!
The thing is that this problem with the digestion didn’t occur from the start of my consuming and it took me a lot of time to figure it out.
Thanks so much again!