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Protein RTD's

So I am a super busy guy who is always on the go. I live more time in my car than in my house. I manage to put in about 1.5hrs of gym time 3 days a week. What I really need and have been looking for is a protein/carb. drink that is ready to go. I like the ABB product called mass recovery, but seems a little expensive. Would like some input in to what you guys drink or what you think is a good product to go with. I don’t have the capacity to mix up drinks all the time.


The biggest downside to RTD’s is that they are pasturized, leaving much of the protein denatured, thus limiting absorbtion. I’d say try to mix on the go.

firephil i live in my car also. in my car cooler i keep lots of water and preportioned jars of Grow!. i also mix in stuff like flax seed or wheat germ and i throw my vitamins and fish caps right in there too. i use large mason jars and tomato sauce jars -whatever holds a qt or more has a wide mouth and easy to load/clean/re-use. definitely glass. plastic blows for protein shakes cause you never really get it clean.

anyway i usually take three jars w/ me a day and just add water, which i have a ton of anyway, and shake it up. i’m usually driving when i mix it .it’s not hard and if you live in your car you’ve already got the skills.

other than shakes i eat alot of apples, raw almonds, and hard boiled eggs.

Interesting approach swivel, never thought about getting one of those coolers that plugs into the cigarette lighter! Might have to look into that. also, thanks for the idea of using the mason jars. I think that I may just need to try and be more diligent in taking my vit./stuff.