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Protein Roundtable Applications

Just read the Protein Roundtable article and I am wondering how everyone has applied this info from the article. I would like to know what type of protein intake you all have (how much, what kind, frequency). John Berardi also reccomends 3 big protein meals a day (morning, post workout, and bedtime) with a few smaller ones throughout the day. Whey would be te best protein source post workout, and casein for bedtime, what do you think would be the best for breakfast? I use a pack of grow with a scoop of whey for breakfast. Does anyone think adding casein instead of whey for breakfast would be better? Comments from John Berardi and Cy would be appreciated greatly.

Also, I train in NHB style fighting for about 2 hours 5 times a week on top of weight training for an hour 4 times a week . Do you think that I would need to have another postworkout type of shake after this type of training as well as after weight training?

I think what you are doing now is fine. However, you could add just a little bit more casein into the mix, by either mixing the Grow! with milk or by adding a cup of cottage cheese. Grow already has a good amount of casein but you can still add a little more if you like.
Also, it sounds like you are expending a large amount of calories, so yes, I would have another post-workout shake.