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Protein rotation


Does any one randomly switch up the type of protien they are eating? and if so what have your results been? I have been eating the same proteins for quite some time now, and was wondering if it could make me progress more if I were to switch the type of protein I am consuming. I currently am eating the following proteins each day: GROW, whey isolate, chicken breast, tuna, tuna, GROW, and the occasional steak or salmon fillet. Should I rotate this? And how do you know if you are allergic to certain foods, what symptoms can one look to experience? Thanks as always all replys are apprecaited.


Variety is the spice of life.

You should try to use all sources and not stick to just a few.


why so limited? i eat seafood (mostly shellfish), lamb, quail, pork, venison, bison, turkey.... whatever else i can find. grass fed is always best, if you can find it. that would be bison and lamb or beef if you're really lucky to have a source. whey is on the list, but just post workout if i can help it.


I see no reason to change from Grow as it already contains a blend of the best proteins. Why switch to something inferior?

As for foods, yeah, switch it up: bird, beef, fish, cottage cheese, road kill...

Of course, it's not like this is going to all of a sudden make you bigger, but at least you won't get burned out on the same foods.


well to be honest it is a mixture of cost and convenience. I work with group home kids, and I dont really have time to bust out and broil up a steak, I know I can premake it, but if you are like me, and sometimes find it hard to stay eating the same for long periods of time, it is imperitive that I have my meals as fresh as possibel, hence the tuna. The cost part comes from the fact that I buy my food in bulk from Costo. DOnt get me wrong I love the food I eat, and on my days off of work, I occasionaly will go out and get a nice steak. I will look into the bison as another option, as I know it is a very lean tasty meat. thanks, how does ostrich taste?


After reading Poliquin's recommendations about rotating protein sources, I started adding a bigger variety of sources to my diet, and so far, I'm noticing better results. (Fat-loss, recuperation)
I'm not rotating my sources, but just made sure to consume a wider variety, and by that to keep any digestive issues down.
Keep in mind that even changing chicken to turkey would make a huge diffrence for your body, because of a diffrent amino acid profile. Use various fish, seafood, meat, eggs, dairy (although for some it would be wise to keep those to a minimum), etc..


where do you get fresh tuna? is that in costco?


yes the tuna is from costco