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Protein Requirements & Training Volume


Quick question. Does training volume affect protein requirements. I was watching a recent Pozdeev interview and he mentioned something about "drier muscle". He puts up some impressive numbers for a relatively low body weight.

Since powerlifting is more neurologically demanding does that mean they can get away with less protein. If you do a lot of singles and doubles you'd think there'd be less tissue breakdown compared to a bodybuilder.


I was wondering something similar. If you’re a powerlifter do you need less calories than someone who is purely trying to add size? I imagine so.


I believe protein intake requirements have been exaggerated by the supplement industry, talking about 2+g/kg. If you need approx.1g of protein per kg of body weight to maintain your muscle that would mean you are in excess of 1g/kg each day. For a 90kg person that would be 90g of protein for maintenance plus 90 g to build muscle (in total 180g protein). So with this calculation you would add 90 g of muscle a day or 32.850 kg of pure muscle per year… in my humble opinion, if you are natural, this is not possible. I think 1.5g/kg should be enough for natural guys.