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Protein Recepies (in Blender)

In an effort to keep up my protein intake, I’ve been pounding the powdered protein supplements. But if I have to drink one more “Super Vanilla” from a shaker, I’m gonna be sick.

Anyone willing to share some protein recepies?


Try a cup of FF cottage cheese

Suprisingly tasty
Works well before bed because of the casein.

use a blender first of all… and ice thickens it… just powder, water, ice, and a banana or 2 with strawberry powder :O!!

if you look in the archives there should be a Grow! recipe contest. I remember a mocha something and pumpkin shakes that looked good.

You can also make protein pudding. Get the sugar free jello pudding and mix it up with 2-4 scoops of protein in addition to all their required ingredients.

I have a pina colada flavored protein and I mix it with 1/2 can (I think 1 cup) coconut milk, and 1/2 cup cottage cheese. You might like that.

Look for the Grow! recipes though. I think it may have even been a thread on the forum and had 100s of recipes.

search for Shake It Up

there are two articles.

Make a bastard shake.

1/2 gallon of milk (I use lactaid, myself)
2 cups 80% whey concentrate
2 oz cocoa powder (Dutch process is good)
1 oz Splenda

Blend. Chill to jsut above the point where ice forms.

Ends up at about 45g of protein in an 8-oz glass.


2 tablespoons flax seeds
1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese
Scoop protein (such as Low Carb Grow!)
Your favorite sugar free instant Jello
Walnuts or PB

Blend until flax seeds are pulverized, and it’s a great P+F shake