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Protein Questions


sorry if these questions sound stupid but i've read what i can but can't make sense of alot of it.

Is skim milk powder source of casein because i can't find any protein supps with it in from australia.

Pre & Post workout i should have whey+ High GI Carbs. True?

Concentrate is as good as isolate?

I can add dextrose to regular creatine to create the effects of the much more expensive formulars.

sorry if these are stupid

  • Powder skim milk isn't the best source of casein. It will always have the same sugar proportions. So if you make it denser it will have so much sugar it's nausiating. for casein use whipped cottage cheese: it's slow-digesting and it's better for your stomach.

  • Yes, post workout is the only good time for high GI carbs. Whey + Maltodextrin bulk is probably a better combo then placebo.

  • Concentrate and isolate are not the same. Use the search feature, there are plenty of threads out there discussing the subject. But don't buy cheap junk. Better use less protein then get it from a shitty source.


Good post, but I would argue that it is not that important that your protein source be expensive. Your body will still use it and often, the amount is more important. I think distinctions like that serve those who are much more advanced to a greater degree than someone who hasn't figured out how important overall coloric intake is or is just building an initial foundation of size.


True. Well, I'm the one who uses ON as a bulk source. But I know there's much worse out there.


Because I've heard so much crap about those 5lbs protein containers (which are usually the cheapest) I've decided not to buy anymore.

Right now what I'm doing is mixing 1 cup cottage cheese with 2 cups premixed chocolate milk. The chocolate pretty much kills that nasty cottage cheese aftertaste and its quite affordable.


If I had a choice between cottage cheese and a five pound container of protein, I would take the five pound container of protein. Again, unless the actual protein content per serving is less than 70-75%, then it is not that bad. I have used possibly every protein supplement on the market at least once. Your overall caloric intake and your overall protein intake are much more important than whether you spent an extra 30-40 bucks on protein.


so non fat milk soilds have the same sugar problem.

thanks for the replys so far

any thoughts about the creatine?