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Protein Question

Dont get me wrong i buy 2 bottles of Low-Carb Grow! a month and i dont plan on changing that anytime soon.

However i was talking to a guy i met and he told me he makes his own shakes using non fat milk powder???, peanut butter and either berries or fruit tried one and it tasted pretty damn good but as far as the nutrient profile it seems more of a tool for those trying to gain weight not something those of us trying to get into single digits should be using.

Anyone else ever heard of a shake like this??? thoughts???

Yes I have. I have never actually made/tried one, but from the way I understand things the peanut butter is added just to add cals. So if you are tring to slim up I don’t think it’s something you want try. At least not until you decide to try and put on a little wieght. Although I could be wrong.

Anyone else?

Yes, my thought is that if you added some of your Low-Carb Grow! to this concoction you would have a relatively decent shake. :wink: