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Protein Question

Good Morning,

Besides eggs, what other food has a good source of protein. I know about chicken, turkey, lean meats and beef
fish etc. But I’m looking for proteins to eat in the morning. Until i get my Grow! order…

Ohhhhhh lord…

Dude, why can’t you eat any damn thing you want in the morning?

Stop classifying things as “time of day” foods and get your protein in.

Lean ground Beef
Fish (yes, fish)

Hell I eat tuna and oatmeal for breakfast if I have to.

Any good meat. Well pretty much anything that can move or make noise under it own power.

Also dont forget dairy products. I perfer the fat free variety. Just remember some ppl if trying to lose weight don’t do good with dairy. But it is a great source of complete protein.

Another solid piece of advice is to learn to eat to fill a need not a time of day. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If that means canned salmon and spinach for your first meal of the day, oh well, you got some quality fuel there.

Just try and get your protein from varied sources.

Hope that helps

Don’t fret about what you eat when, just get that first meal in, alot of people are hung up on “breakfast food” for their first meal, I’ve eaten everything from chicken breast to new york strip for my first and omelets for my last.

when in doubt, crack open a can of tuna, and just down it. whatever you do get that meal in.

Hahaha my breakfast today as I am experimenting with P+F first thing was a (homemade) hamburger,and lots of steamed veggies…and after my PWO shake tonight, my P+C meal will probably be oatmeal pancakes!!Who gives a shit what time a day is, eat for your needs, remember we who workout and pay attention to diet are not like your average American!!