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Protein Question


Sorry if this has been answered before but I just cant find the answer. The difference between whey protein and miscellar casein protein is whey is fast acting and casein is slow. Now my question is Should I be taking regular whey during the day and casein just before bed?

Example... whey protein when I wake, couple hours later eat a meal, couple hours after that drink whey shake, then couple hours after that eat, a meal then couple hours after that drink a shake, then before bed drink casein shake? What are your recommendations? Thanks


most people drink whey upon waking and after workouts because it is a very quickly absorbent form of protein. IT is used when u need the protein to be utilized by your body as quickly as possibly. Casein protein is generally good to be used before bed when your body is deprived of nutrients while sleeping. It is released into your body slower than whey so it is used by your body for a longer amount of time. If your having a large enough breakfast you probably dont need a morning shake. I generally like a whey shake intra-workout and gorge down food after the workout. Instead of having so many shakes throughout the day, its better to eat a real piece of food containing protein. And if you have casein you can drink it b4 bed to make sure your body is not deprived for 8 hours


Thankyou matty. The reason I drink so many shakes is to be able to get my protein for the day. This is what my day looks like.

wake up 9am drink a shake
10:30 am eat employee meal at work
11am -2pm work
2:30pm drink a shake
4:30pm eat employee meal
5pm - 9pm work
9:30pm drink a shake
10pm work out
after work out drink Surge
12am - 1 am drink a shake and go to bed

non work out days are the same just minus the Surge.


Hydyolised caseine is even faster then whey though too...

It's all relative. Apparently Silvio Samuel has Whey before bed as opposed to caseine so go figure :S


How much progress are you making on that eating schedule?

Two solid meals a day with the final one coming 8 hours before you go to bed is not a recipe for progress. If you have any intention of making gains you will need to drastically increase the amount of solid food you eat.

And about your question. I consider the type of protein to be a relatively unimportant aspect of weight training. If you are a beginner-intermediate lifter the choice of protein type isn't nearly as important as overall calories when it comes to promoting growth.


IMO it depends on how often and how much protein your getting through the day.

Since I eat often, I'll have Grow! Whey between meals to boost my protein intake.

Before bed, or whenever I know I'll have a tough time getting protein for a while, I'll have Metabolic Drive due to its micellar casein content.

If you want more feedback, I recommend searching old posts from experienced members as there have been plenty on this topic.


I have been getting stronger but thats probably just because I am a beginner. I Haven't gained any weight though, but I do look a bit thicker all around.

Do you think throwing in some bananas and boiled eggs with my shakes will do it calorie wise?

as for the shakes and Surge I calculated 1320 calories from my shakes for the day. As for my employee meals that is totally un accountable because I never know what will be put out there for us to eat. It could be anything from chicken, beef, turkey to cold cut sandwiches and a salad for sure.

I weight 170 lbs so by going by the formula weight x 16 + 20% is 3264 calories a day. I eat a lot during my employee meals so hopefully it was making up for the near 2k calorie deficit.


The only thing that will make up for a 2k calorie deficit is.......... 2000 CALORIES !

If you get food at work isn't it possible to bring your own food. Eating twice a day certainly isn't optimal SOLELY for the fact that it is hard to eat a lot of food in one sitting. But as long as you get the necessary calories it doesn't matter when you get them. Bring your own food to work and eat that along with the employee meal. If you do not consume adequate calories for growth you will waste your 'newbie gains'. Doing so would be a massive setback, as newbie gains tend to be some of the most dramatic gains made in a natural lifters career.


I make shakes consisting of 1 cup oatmeal+2 tbsp light tasting olive oil + 48-72 grams whey protein. Quick and not overly filling so i can keep eating meals through out the day. just working a real labor intensive job is fucking me over hard now. I'm thinking of blending up my meals and making meat shakes LOL.


Firstly let it be known i agree with bonez. that diet is shocking.. There is nothing wrong with 4 shakes a day - i have 4 too.. but i also have 4-5 meals too! Shit.

As for you being a beginner and gaining strength - that is predominantly an increased neural capacity to use more muscle fibres when lifting - which often leads to much larger increases in strength during this phase of your training life than any other.
Yes in laymans terms it is know an 'newbie gains' :wink:

If you are serious enough about this to be buying protein powder - then you need to sit down on a day off and plan.
Plan your meals each day.
Plan the time it will take to prepare them.
Plan when you will prepare them.
Plan the shopping list.
Plan the calories you need and macronutrient ratios.
Plan where or how you will eat them.

Bodybuilding even on a recreational level (as i said - IF you are as mildly serious as buying protein suggests) takes planning and time management.

If you are not that serious but want to workout and get some benefits - i would suggest the following; Train hard and do your cardio for no less than 3x/wk.
Eat whole meals at least 3 times a day - no excuses. NONE (this you should do even if you DONT workout! Fuuuck!).
Use protein concentrate or egg/milk protein (as they are cheap) to assist with the calories and protein you should eat but have little extra time to prepare.

If someone eats 1-2 meals (one of which is pre-cooked for him) then it is purely a matter of laziness.. that doesn't go down well on this site IMO.




Thanks everyone for the replies. I was just really looking for advice on if my protein intake was good, but as it turns out that isn't my problem, its the calories. As for the 2 supplied meals my my working place. Its a combo is being laziness and being cheap. I will grow a pair and prepare more foods to eat during the day to bring up my caloric intake.

Again Thnks