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Protein Quantities?


I was wondering which quantities of protein are suitable for a daily intake. I mean, not for me, but for an average human being. I often read ok, don’t go more than 4g per kilo but what happens to the other part for someone who would be taking 6g or 8g per kilo.

In the end, from what I read the opinions are splitted between:

  • its filtered by the kidney and then eliminated in your piss (if so would a urine analyses be able to determine the quantity eliminated?)
  • its stocked like fat would be

What is your opinion guys? Sorry I am not trolling or whatever, I am really asking myself this question and its a pain to find element of answers.

Thank you all for your help.

After you have fulfilled all amino needs in the body, in excess protein will be converted into glycogen through a process called gluconeogenesis at which point it will be burnt of as energy and possibly, yes it could be stored as fat, but your other nutrients would have to be pretty high as well.

Aaaah allright, so for someone who is lets say in exces of protein, average carbs, and low fat.
The last variable could prevent him to gain fat from the exces of protein.

This explains that =). I know someone who’s not going to increase his fat intakes.

Well, frankly, if you are in an excess of calories from any nutrient, it is possible to gain fat. But I’d think that if you are training hard enough, it would be harder for the body to store protein as fat than fat or carbs because of increased amino needs due to muscle breakdown.

I wouldn’t have pushed the thinking that far as I lack the scientific knowledge but I see bodybuilders intakes (I know I am not one though) and they were at least as high and they aren’t fat ^^’.

I am following a high protein diet since around 5 months now (around 4,5g per kilo). I managed to lose fat while having that diet (with low carb and fat intakes) and am now moving on a mass gain plan (so, increasing carbs again while keeping fats low). What was worrying me was the possible effects on my kidneys.

I went to my doctor for urine and blood analyses and everything came back normal (0.00g of protein in urines). So I concluded that everything in my case was either stored or used.

Thank you for the insights and your opinions on the topic.

Protein cannot be stored. It must first be broken down into glucose. This requires your body to have a high level of glucagon over insulin, which can only happen 4-5 hours after eating.
Then, for glucose to be converted into fat your body requires you have a high level of insulin over glucagon, which is what happens when you have just eaten.
These 2 different states of balance, insulin over glucagon or vice versa, CANNOT happen at the same time, or even close to the same time. Therefore, it is basically impossible for someone to store protein as fat.
Think about it, have you ever heard of someone getting fat off protein shakes? Give me a break.

Also, factor in the Met Coefficient factor. If you’re going to overeat anything, make it protein. Due to the Thermic effect of digestion, someone with a higher protein daily intake can essentially ingest more calories than someone with a carb heavy diet.