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Protein Quality

Hello, Im interested in article (Link: http://www.bodybuildingforyou.com/protein/whey-protein-processing.htm It is said that one of the best quality proteins under patented CFM is produced by the company Glanbia. There is no doubt about hthe quality of their products but I would like to know whether there are some other much cheaper better products, because according to what i have read at http://www.volactive.co.uk/expertise_processtech.html They make the CFM process at low temperatures. What is the difference in the production between these two? Is Volactive the same as Glambia?
I cannot afford expensive products (Weider CFM ? Glambia), but I dont want to get low quality protein. What I want is highest quality for reasonable price if you understand.

My secnod question: If is Volactive one of the best quality protiein producers, wich protein is best for bodybuilding and special in diet (Ultra Whey 80 | Ultra Whey 80 LF | Ultra Whey 90 | Ultra Whey 90 XP | Ultra Whey HS)


Thank you

T-Nation whey protein is high quality protein for a very cheap price. If you’re on a budget, get that. If not, get Metabolic Drive.


Something to be aware of dude- this board is sponsored by a supplement company, therefore the majority of us use the supplements sold here. You’re bound to only get those recommendations.

There are other boards around if you want an unbiased opinion to the crap you listed.