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Protein pwoder. Possible posining....

Hi all. For starters, I am a 15 year old male, been lifting for about 1 and a half years, just started on protein 2 months ago.

I know that soy is satan. I have been avodiding eating the schools hamburgers, since they contain soy . I only buy whey protein powder. Anyways, I have almost drunk up a 5 lb tub of optimum nutrition. I was looking at the nutrition facts and the ingreadients are as follows:
whey protein concentrat, isolate, peptides artificial flavor lecithin and potasium. on the allergen info it says
this product contains dairy whey and soy(lecithin)

Does this mean that i am ingesting soy? I am 15 here, and I don’t want to be killing off my masculizing hormones by ingesting estrogen. I would hate to sell myself short of extra chest hair, deeper voice and a smaller tool. Am i doing this, and if so, where can i find a protein powder for $30 per 5 lb tub?

Soy lecithin is nothing to worry about.

Does it contain estrogen?

I think you’re getting way too paranoid about the estrogenic effects of soy. Soy in large amounts can give rise to estrogeic side-effects, but most of the time these side effects only occur in a small group of people who happen to use large amounts of soy in their diets, and have cells in their bodies that are extra sensitive to estrogens. I’ve been training for fifteen years, and I’ve tried soy products occasionally just out of curiosity, and never really noticed any ill-effects.

No. I’m not certain but I believe the estrogen-mimicking isoflavones are not present in lecithin. If they are, the quantities are likely very very insignificant. It’s funny, you talk like a gram of soy protein will kill you. The general idea is just to avoid it when you can, not get anal about every soy-derived particle in existence.

Soy lecithin is not bad for you and does not contain estrogenic properties, and in fact may be good for you. Also while soy should be avoided, it has been stated on T-mag that you want to keep soy protein under 25 grams a day. That is the max a male should ingest. Naturally less is better, but soy is in a lot of stuff, so if you get a little, don’t worry about it. Just avoid large amounts and you should be fine.

I don’t think u have anything to worry about.

You get what you pay for. You need to read the “Protein Insider” in the newest paper issue of T-mag. You’ll want to invest in a higher quality protein powder once you read it.

Along with Nate’s suggestion, also read “Battle of the Proteins” by Cy Willson. Here you’ll see that whey alone is not ideal except for post-workout. A whey/casein blend like Grow! is best for a general MRP.

Isn’t lechithin the same thing as phospatidylcholine? According to all of my biochemistry textbooks it is. Phosphatidylcholine is one of the main ingredients in Power Drive.

How about soy flour? does it have the phytoestrogins?

if it didnt have the lechithin in it, it would mix very well. it is only added for ease of use, and at low quantities. kind of like an emulsifier. it does add fat to the product tho.
I think this is a good product for a 15 year old to be taking. you probably dont need anything more “flashy” than the protein you have.