Protein Pulsing/IF

Hey guys long time trainer and reader of tnation forums. So before I get started my stats are 32 m 5 10 200 lbs 15% bf from calipers. I get all my training and nutrtion from dr serrano/scott mendelson infinity fitness. Now a note on nutrition is I do not follow it, hence the 15% bodyfat. With that being said. I have an article i have read over and over by Christian Thibaudeau slightly explain this concept:

This is more suitable to a normal lifestyle. I have a family and I am a cardiac critical care nurse. I just can’t walk around with a cooler around my neck with organic chicken breast. I would like to discuss if any one has any experience with this type diet/concept. I just typically never post anything on any forums because I dont want to argue I just want to learn and discuss then gather a practical solution.

Your link seems to be broken…transfers me to the Figure Athletes forum not the article. But, if it is the pulse feast article I think it is, yeah a number of people have done it, and I actually did it yesterday because I was super busy.

I’m not usually a fan of IF, mostly because I really like eating :). But days I’m really just running until I go to sleep it can really help. I suppose from a certain point of view you could say that is the very definition of IF because I am only doing it occasionally when shit goes crazy in life.

There is one very very important point to note about the article: CT developed that style of eating based on 1) his natural eating patterns (he’s not a fan of frequent meals, and likes his biiiiig meals) 2) the science of IF and 3) The MAG-10 protein supplement. He has told many many people that the style of eating is as effective as it is because of MAG-10, and the effects with whey will not be anywhere close to the same. I’ve come to the same conclusion myself to be honest, a long time after that article came out (like I said, not a huge fan of IF eating patterns). So, if that’s what you want to do, you need to bear in mind that CT uses MAG-10 pretty exclusively for it and does not and will not recommend another brand or alternative. Not saying you can’t try whatever you want, but that was one of the 3 bases of his eating plan.

MAG-10 looks like good stuff wouldnt mind using it at all! One of my concerns is getting enough fats for test production and cals for energy etc. Thanks for reply, I appreciate the reply. My main main goal of this all is just being ripped to the bone. I love the look of the old time bodybuilders! As far as training the programs I get from infinity fitness are amazing. The diets are every two hour chcicken breast cooler around the neck with lots of EFAs. Keep the ideas coming.