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Protein-Pulse Eating

I am going to give Protein Pulse Eating from issue 193 this week a try, and I was wondering if anyone else out there had experimented with this yet. I was curious as to how you got your protein, and from what sources, eating times, carb intake, results. Regardless, I am going to use this feeding regimen this week and will let ya’ll know how it goes. Anyone one that has tried this and wants to send feedback, I would greatly appreciate it!

Ive been using it for about 3/4 weeks (i think. Im not sure about its application towards mass gain strictly - but I have been using a slightly sub-maintanance diet calory wise, about 200-220grams of protein, plenty of carbs and fish oil caps( a few caps with each meal). The breakdown of my day is such
1 - 80 grams whey, followed 30 mins later by a large bowl of oatmeal
2 - small scoop ‘AP’ with 3/4 pieces of fruit
3 - 2 yoghurts
4 jerk chicken, rice and salad
5 - small scoop ‘AP’ with 3/4 pieces fruit
6 - oatmeal or bagel
7 - 80/100gm whey, followed by 80gm carb complex 30 mins later
8 - small cup cottage cheese and fruit

Now im following the diet as outlined more in ‘Ironman’ in the UK edition a few months back. Training wise, Im going with ‘meltdown’ 4 times a week - and am leaning out at a scary weight, but the scale is hardly moving. I think it is a great alternative to keto. I dont know if I can see it working as well for bulking, havent tried it. Essentially my protein is mostly dairy(whey & casein), with a meat meal in the middle. It very practicle in a working environment(office) - as its very quick; on top of that I have great energy, great pumps and dont feel like death a la keto. Good luck!

Thanks danny, I didn’t realize you had responded. I have been doing it all week long with maintenance calories, and I will have to say I have great pumps, and have leaned out a little too. I will probably give it another week atleast, but I will have to say so far I am impressed. It definitely does go against everything we’ve learned up to this point, but that just go’s to show how new things come into play. Later Bro!

Has anyone tried to eat like this while on the juice? What were your results like?