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Protein +protein

For some time now, Ive been using what I call a “conversion” shake at work. It’s basically a mixture of cottage cheese and whey protein. Its purpose is for my meal that leads me from P+C to P+F and vice versa.

Usually this happens once a day except on weekends. And the time which this takes place at is while Im at work.

So, basically Im tired of the same ol’ shake everyday, and was wondering if anyone uses similar plans, and if they have any other ideas for a quick shake with a mixture of proteins?

the mixture of proteins is important to me for the blood sugar control and insulin. The shake has to be a shake since Im at work during this period. Any IDEAS fellas?

Da Boxer


When I consume a protein-only meal, it’s usually a straight protein shake (whey/milk protein mix) or cottage cheese only meal. Other times I may just eat meat. I haven’t found too many protein-only meals other than a protein shake or cottage cheese. So I use them to fill a gap or hold me over until I get one of my real P+C or P+F meals.

So I don’t have any other suggestions for you! Just my own observation. By the way, how has that been working out for you? I know you’ve been using this after your first meal in the morning and wanted to know if you noticed anything differently from that rather than combining it with carbs or fat.

I really like the idea of a conversion/switch-over meal from P+C to P+F. I don’t see how it would be necessary going the other way, as insulin levels should be under control pretty well.

Regarding shakes, you probably don’t have a lot of options. It’s hard to get a pure protein shake if you’re looking to supplement a LC powder with something else. If you’re willing to lean toward the carb side, cottage cheese is probably the way to go (as you’ve been doing). If you want to go more fat, I like chocolate LC-Grow with some natural peanut butter blended in it. Potentially quite a caloric bomb, though. :wink:

(i)Nate Dogg - It’s worked ok so far, it’s been going on for about three weeks now and Ived actually increased calories in the meals pre- and post- my “conversion” shake. Even with the increase in calories, from 3-3,300 to 3,500, my body composition has stayed the same, though scale weight is up. I imagine it being related to the high carb amount in my diet. The shake is not all that bad, but for someone who enjoys shakes, food, snacks etc… I really need a change…

(i)IKE - Well peanut butter wouldn’t work, I’d like to keep this below the JB recommendations of minimum Carbs(10g) and minimum fat(5g)! So I pretend that it’s a p+f meal for Carbs, and pretend it’s a p+c for fats. Boring I know, but it works I tell ya…

I actually just got back from the grocery store and found some zero calorie brown sugar, I’ll add a tablespoon and see how that turns out!

Da Boxer