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Protein Products

I need help finding the best protein on the market.

I know I don’t get enough protein from my diet. And I don’t have near enough cash to buy enough meats to fill that need.

I was talking to a friend who suggested buying a protien product to fill that need. And he suggested BSN’s Syntha-6.

Is that a good product to buy?
What would you suggest?


not to state the obvious, but take a look at the site you’re on right now – go to the T-Nation store and spend some dough in return for them giving you free information and a forum to ask questions. not to mention that it’s the best stuff on the market.

Low-Carb Metabolic Drive and Metabolic Drive Complete depending on your carb intake/diet preferences.

I don’t know of anything less expensive than food protein.

Eggs, cottage cheese seem fairly inexpensive compared to meat.

Does anyone have a good analysis if $ per gram of protein?

I found these two but wonder if there is anything more recent/complete.



Buy some good quality bulk Whey (mix it with milk and yoghurt) also use it post workout. Look into finding eggs cheap, and have loadsa egg whites…