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protein problems

My back had been hurting me for three days, but it didnt feel like a muscle pain. Then yesterday my stomach also began to hurt very badly so i called my doctor who said it was probably acid problems caused by too much protein.

Doc said to take Zantac, stop my protein shakes, and to stop working out for a week to 10 days. I don’t like that advice. I started the Zantac but I still want to workout, and I still want to take protein shakes.

Anyone else ever have anything similar?

Go check with you Dr to see if you have a bladder infection. It may have spread into your kidneys and that is why your back hurts. All you have to do is pee in a cup and they’ll tell you right away.

Hope your ok.

Interestingly enough, many digestive issues are noted as causing back pain of some sort. Gall bladder, for one and many others.

A doctor’s diagnosis over the phone isn’t the way to go about solving this problem. In fact, a GP is no way to go about solving this problem. For the most part, they just aren’t trained to deal with this sort of thing and tend to classify most issues as a bug, gas, diet etc and don’t really look too deep until the problems get to the point that they are past being easily remedied.

To start, though, you need to get your ass into the doc’s office and explain the symptoms to him/her properly. Explain your diet in detail- what you eat, times of day, when does the pain occur, is the pain episodic, where exactly does it hurt etc. They will possibly send you for basic stuff like x-rays, blood tests etc. and perhaps a hida scan to check your gall bladder function. If that doesn’t uncover anything, he may pass you along to a gastro intestinal doc who may follow up with further blood tests, a lactose tolerance test, wheat allergy test among others.

Look, it may be indigestion, it may be something else, but you need to get a proper diagnosis. Get to it and rest and scale back the work outs until you understand the problem. Many problems can be made worse by hitting the gym hard. Trust me. Keep us all posted, too.

Where exactly does it hurt in your stomach? If it is in the lower groin area it could be kidney stones.