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Protein Predicament, Serving Sizes


Man im stupid, I know this was a completely bonehead move on my part already any discouraging remarks are not appriciated since I know it was my fault anyways...

So I got this protein this weekend that said that I should mix one scoop with 4-8 oz of water or milkâ?¦ it made a HUGE shake and I couldnâ??t figure it outâ?¦. It was so filling I wanted to throw up anyways I looked at the scoop and the directions againâ?¦.mix one scoop (34 grams) with 4-8 ozâ?¦. well the scoop doesnâ??t have grams on it, all it has is oz and it goes up to 4 ozâ?¦.

ok pull out the iphone and look up how many grams are in 4 oz turns out thereâ??s 113 which means I should only be mixing ¼ scoop (1.21 oz) with 4- 8 ozâ?¦ grrr has this ever happened to you? Do you think they made the scoop misleading on purpose? Or should I just pay more attention and expect to pull out a calculated to mix supliments


with protein supps, a scoop is very relative. it depends on how tightly the powder is packed into the scoop, if you have it totally level on the top or if it is overflowing, etc. i just use the same type of "scooping" method each and every time to be consistent with things. i hope this helps. also, if you made it in a blender, it will whip a lot of air and stuff into the mixture and create a larger shake that you probably thought would be made.


I'm not sure what you figured, but you wouldn't be able to figure the gram weight per volume without knowing the density of the powder.


Your totally right 4 oz is the volume. I guess my mindset this morning I assumed it should be unaversal. Perhaps I should get a scale to make sure. Thanks


use a scale FTW