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Protein powders

Hey guys, I am about to change brands for my protein powder after hearing some thoughts about EAS Simply Whey on this board. So besides Grow! which I have no access to, what other brands of protein powders do you guys use? Is ProV by Labrada a quality product or is it just like other 5lbs protein powders which are of inferior quality?

How come you don’t have access to Grow? If you don’t have a credit card, why don’t you get someone with a credit card to order it for you, and then you can pay them in cash.

I wouldn’t consider any other protein supplements. I’ve used Myoplex, Designer Whey, Promax, Met-Rx, and a few other cheap brands.

I wouldn’t go back to any of them. Grow is the best protein supplement out there. Mix it with milk and it tastes great and has a protein punch with little carbs.

I’m not positive about the quality of the 5lb containers of protein (or of the 2lb for that matter!), but I have to put in my 2 cents about EAS’s Protein. It’s possible that the reason why it mixes up thin is because of the protein and thickeners (or lack thereof) that are in it. Does it have Soy or Casein in it? Those are thick proteins… Whey is a very thin protein. Does it have hydrogenated fats, guar gum, xantham gum, cellulose gum, etc. in it? That’ll make it thicker. If it doesn’t have those, that’ll also make it mix up thin. Now, I’m not saying that EAS isn’t putting garbage in their MRPs, simply that there might be other reasons for them mixing up thin.

Nate, you should change up your protein sources once a month if possible. I switch brands every month or after I run out of one particular batch. I buy Grow six at a time. I use three. I then switch to protein factory, labrada, sportpharma or champion. Then back to Grow. Charles Polquin says to switch your proteins and essential fats (flax, pumpkin, fish, etc) He says once you finish a bottle or a month, switch.

I use Labradas protein and it is great. I also use Optimum’s 5 lb containers and those are great also. Why don’t you have access to Grow?

Kelvin, you probably know this, but just to clarify to those who don’t (and I’ve met alot of them): A “protein powder” is not really the same thing as an MRP. Like I’ve heard guys say “got to go drink my MRP” and they use one of these 5lb wheys, i.e. not a true Meal Replacement Powder.

I stick with MRPs: blends of protein, some carbs, extra nutrients like vitamins, a little fat, etc… Grow! tastes the best with Labrada and Myoplex coming in 2nd and 3rd.

Oh, and why can’t you order Grow!? Get thee a credit or debit card or call Biotest and see if anyone is retailing it in your area. It’ll be really worth it when that point system thing comes into play.

I am currently using Labrada’s PRO V60 protein, which is a blend of different wheys, calcium caseinate and egg white protein. Both the vanilla and strawberry flavours taste pretty good and it goes down easily. The other I would recommend trying is Pro-Peptide from Dorian Yates Approved, which has a higher content of micellar casein, which I think is a great thing. However, it does mix a lot thicker, like GROW!, so you will want to use some sort of blender definitely. Only other thing I can say is to try to stick to protein blends as opposed to a pure whey supplement, although this may be different after a workout; I know that Charles Poliquin for one recommends whey protein after training…he said this to me recently online, but other times, a casein/whey blend.

I think Grow is awesome but when is the low carb version coming out??? I think MetRx Protien Plus is excellent. 46 gr. protien and minimal carbs.

Necer take a protein powder like ProV or any other that contains cheap caseins and whey concentrates. Stick with pure CFM Whey Isolate, this has the best amino acid profile and is rich in high quality growth factors. The only companies I’m aware of at this time that make CFM Whey Isolate are VPx, Cytodyne, ProSource, and Biochem.

michael…i suggest reading some of cy wilson’s articles in the t-mag archives

i switched from optimum to lebrada’ proV 60. they only had it in vanilla and i have disliked all vanilla protein powders i have tried but i was ineed and wanted to try the caesin whey mix. this stuff is great. i have put 15lbs. on my bench. i’m using the 1-6 principle, so i’m giving most of the credit to that, but i haven’t made any gains in a long while.

Hi Kelvin. If I remember correctly, you are from Australia and that is why you don’t have access to Grow! (me too). At $125 a box, you can still get Myoplex or Met-Rx, but unless you’re rich, that’s too expensive. Stick to a good protein powder from ProLab or Aussie Bodies or Max’s. Mix it with milk if you’re not on a low-carb diet. Hope this helps.