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Protein Powders...

Yes, yes flame away. I know this question is probably asked ad nauseum and you all now want to shoot me in a drive by but nevermind, I’ll ask anyways :wink:

What do you think about protein powder for 14 year olds? Basically I find it extremely difficult to shove down anything like 1g/lb of bodyweight that I supposedly should be eating. I feel that a good shake would help me to get to that target.

No flames, use one if you can. They help in meeting your protein needs and are an easy way of getting extra protein.

Understand this: protein powders are a food. Period.
Now that you see it that way, it will help you reach your protein dietary goals.

Again: protein powder is food (High quality powder, anyway)

At your age I wouldn’t even worry about protein powders until you work on your nutrition.
This age group can make great improvements by simply adjusting their current nutritional intake.

As far as 1g/lb at your age, I wouldn’t be too concerned with exact figures here, but again addressing the overall nutritional concerns.

What’s your daily nutrition consist of now?

While protein powders typically come from real food sources, the fact is the supplement industry is not tightly regulated, so at the very least buy from a reputable company.