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Protein powders

For all who have ordered a customized protein powder blend from the Protein Factory, what is the best tasting blend/ratio that you have found. I train primarily for explosiveness and strength, but, as always, am attempting to drop some bodyfat. Thank you in advance for your responses.

The words best tasting and Protein Factory do not go together. Then again maybe I’m just spoiled by biotest and labrada protein powders.

Best tasting is their straight CFM whey, with sucralose added. I don’t think (I may be wrong) that they have any other proteins to add to that that don’t worsen the taste in the process. The CFM whey is not too enjoyable by itself – nothing bad about it, just not enjoyable – but mixes well with MRP’s.

I agree with Bill. Man, I can still taste that CFM and sucralose. I also ordered some with added maltodextrin for after a workout. Theirs and Champion Pro score have the best vanilla flavor. But, protein factory is easier to mix.

How does the caseinate taste? Consider the % protein per unit serving (better than whey), it seems to be a good buy.

I use 100% Milk Protein Isolate flavored with Vanilla & Sucralose. I mix around a cup and a quarter of the stuff with 32 oz. of milk and a few tablespoons of NesQuik, and mix the whole thing in a blender. Tastes very good – chalky, but good – and provides 130 or so grams of protein, most of it casein.

I had the whey-caseinate blend, 70%/30%. Didn’t taste too bad, but gritty…didn’t mix well.

I currently have the Ion Exchange Whey Isolate. Not much of a taste…I mix with a banana and water. It mixes with a spoon if you drink just with water or milk! First protein powder that i have had that did that.

Brian, the casein is really chalky. In fact, I had a hard time drinking it. The CFM is great. I use Labrada ProV or Yates Propeptide for daily use and Labrada whey, Supplement direct whey (no flavor, light, mixes easy) or Protein factory CFM after a workout. I also buy my maltodextrin for postworkout from Supplementdirect. But, I’m gonna try the new Biotest formula when finished. I don’t use much Grow anymore, it is too heavy for me and I get bloated (I’m lactose intolerant and it bothers me at times).

The CMF Whey is definitely the best tasting. Right now I have 70%CMF and 30% Milk Protein isolate. I use sucralose, and this is vanilla flavored.

I’ve also tried some of the other flavores (fruit punch, orange)… they’re actually pretty good. The stuff isn’t think so it kind of tastes like a regular fruit drink.

I ordered 60%Maltrodextrine 15%Hydro 360 15%Hydro 520 5%BCAA 5%L-glutamine peptides for use after my workout. It takes like vomit, but when mixed with Crystal Lite and extra Equal, I can chug it.