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Protein Powders

Recently I ordered some protein powder of of ebay because it was dirt cheap. Well it came in the mail today and I now know why it is so cheap, it tastes like shit! Its a little grainy and has no to little flavor. But the flavor that does come through reminds me of creamy butter. Any ideas on how I can make 33lbs of protein powder taste better?? I really need to stay away from ebay!!!

You can mix it with other protein powders.

And here are a couple dozen protein mixture recipes

I used an old bottle of nasty tasting protein - EAS whey - by mixing it half and half with Grow protein. Grow can make anything taste good and now it’s just as cheap as the discount stuff so there’s no excuse.

You could try mixing it with sugar free jello, pudding, or cool aid.

I once had the misfortune of getting bad tasting protein. To make drinkable I used Ovaltine. Sure, laugh all you want, it tasted much better.

heh, I was wondeirng what that protein was like. I remember the regular Vitaminshoppe brand protein I had, that was the most horirble tasting crap I’ve ever drank but I made sure I didn’t put it to waste,something like a lil bit of coolaid may help, or what you could try is geting a flavored carb drink such as Carbo Gain, it could help sweeten things up.

Is the protein white, creamy, and kind of sticky?

What brand?

buy Grow and mix it in. laters pk