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protein powders?

Assuming there IS a difference between protein powders and protein shakes (im getting some Grow soon), where would be a good place to buy protein powder?

I’ve been having a hard time reaching my food intake goal of 5000+calories per day, mainly because it’s so damn hard having to cook so many steaks/chicken breast’s etc. and still go to school and driver’s ed and whatnot. So the other day i went w/my dad to fred meyer’s to look at some protein powders and they had two kinds. One was like all soy protein so that was out, and the other was whey (i think) and egg protein. I would’ve got the second one but my dad was like ‘whoa lookit that cholesteral’. Since i would definately be using this stuff pretty regularly, do you guys think that the extra cholesteral would hurt?


Do you know any other places where I can get some and what brand i should get?


I have tried them all and I can tell you that Grow really is the best tasting by far! And for the price that they are currently selling it at, you can’t go wrong!

OK, but isnt there a difference between a protein POWDER and a protein SHAKE?

I’m asking because at the end of massive eating reloaded 2 (i THINK) there were some examples of meals and one of them was “1 serving Grow!” while other had a bunch of other foods and then “2 scoops protein powder”.

So is there a difference or am i just crazy?

Protien powder mixed with water (or anything else…) gives you a protien shake. There is a difference between protien powder and MRP however, because MRP’s have significant carbs (and sometimes fat) and therefore are more than just a protien supplement. Classic Grow is an example of an MRP. Anyway, there is no reason to buy the egg/whey stuff honestly, just stick with lowcarb grow. It is the best protien powder you will find (except for a straight whey for pwo meals). Best of luck. J.

MRPs or shakes (as you called them) are complete meals. They need nothing else to be a complete meal. Classic grow, myoplex, met-rx etc are mrps or the shakes you were thinking of.

LC grow or other protein powders low in carbs and fats is what was meant by scoops of protein powder. These were used in the diet strictly to add protein without the carbs and fats etc.

Hope this helps.

"Since i would definately be using this stuff pretty regularly, do you guys think that the extra cholesteral would hurt? "

Yes your dad is right, chose a whey and/or casesin only forumla as egg protein usually is high in cholesteral.

I buy both LC Grow and Optimum Nutritions 100% whey. The whey I use only for workout/post-workout and sometimes mix it with Grow.

How much of a difference do you think Grow makes over the realy cheap whey powders. I just ordered some Grow for myself, as I figured I could afford it now, and I wanted to see what was so great about the taste and quality, but I can still get whey protein powder a bit cheaper. I know the quality is supposedly a lot lower, but do any of you have experience with much better results from using Grow?


A friend of mine likes to pick up cheap eas whey powder, along with lc and classic grow, his stance is that the grow tastes much better but by using some cheaper whey occasionally he can stretch his supply of grow another few days if need be.