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protein powders

are these blended proeins any better than just something like simply whey by eas (econo). and any opinions on the best mrp. i try all different kinds, just wanted some opinions.thanx

ForthaluvaGodandallthatisholy!!! Just buy some Low-Carb Grow! by Biotest. It will solve all your worries. It never hurts to read about it via the search engine to your left. Sorry man, its just so blatently obvious.

Grand Marquis, I’ll answer as quickly and precisely as possible, because that’s probably all you’ll get–in the form of assistance anyhow.

Protein blends (i.e. Low-Carb Grow!) are a much better choice (as stand-alone proteins) during the day, outside of the training period. Now, whey, on the other hand, if used at times other than pre/during/post training, should be combined with another whole-food protein source or slower acting protein.

The well-known Boirie Protein Utilization Study (Slow and fast dietary proteins differently modulate postprandial protein accretion. Boirie Y, Dangin M et al. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci 94 (1007) 14930-35) provides with the best glimpse of why whey, as a stand-alone protein, is not a good choice.

Protein blends--and I'll continually refer and recommend Low-Carb Grow due to its outstanding quality and taste--provide both fast, anabolic and slow, anti-catabolic protein sources.

As far as the best MRP, you can mix the LC Grow with a carbohydrate like oats or fat like flax or peanut butter and you've got an outstanding MRP. As far as pre-packaged, I would say that Lean Mass Matrix is quite popular and rightfully so. You should also look into the Grow MRP.

Anything with casein for late night, or long period during the day without a protein meal. Whey for post workout. Get Biotest brand if you can afford it. You could also possibly purchase the individual proteins (casein, whey, milk protein, egg white, hydrolisates, bovine serum, etc) and come up with your own MRP. However, if taste is a priority, stick with GROW!