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Protein powders

Hey guys, I really need help on this one. I can’t decide which protein and which MRP to use. For the proteins, the most cost-effective would be those 5 lbs cannisters, but I have heard so much negative comments about them that I am really scared of being ripped off. In any case, optimum nutrition has got a lab essay to back up their label.Also, I also saw in a post that most of the protein in these cannisters are of low quality. What are your opinion on this one?

Next is MRP’s. I haven’t tried Grow!, but from the mail I read in T-mag every week, it should rank 1st in terms of taste. However there are so many cheaper MRP’s out there. I am seriously considering nutriforce by sportpharma partly due to its price and partly due to CP’s recommendations in “Manly Weight Loss”. Please give me your thoughts on this.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Grow! is $1.66 a serving if you do the buy 2 get 1 free thing. The quality is guaranteed. Heck, you can’t eat unhealthy food at Taco Bell for that price!

And don’t forget Poliquin had to recommend Sportpharma cause they’re the ones who paid for the book to the published.

Without a doubt, Grow is the best I’ve ever tried. What I usually do is combine Grow with another brand which costs less–say, Optimum Nutrition–for flavor, and getting more whey for slightly less cost. I go through about 2 Grow’s a month. I’ve also found Gentec’s Extreme to be quite nice, too, and combines well with Grow. I would caution you, though, to avoid HDT (Human development Technologies). I have not been happy at all with the two tubs I recently bought: much bloat and gas. But even T-mag’s critics agree that Grow is simply incredible.

I have got to say that I love Dorian Yates approved MRP.
The stuff is great. Not to say anything bad about GROW.
But when I am dieting I like to mix my MRPs with water and
man Dorian’s stuff taste great mixed in water. Most of the
other brands out there taste like crap in water. Also he has
a very good mixture of proteins in it. Also it gets real thick
so it fills you up good. But on the down side it is one of the
most expenisive ones out there.

My experience with Grow was very good. It’s the best
tasting MRP in my opinion. As far as trying Nutriforce by
Sportpharma, I wouldn’t recommend it. It does have an
impressive label and a decent price, but the taste is the
worse from ANY MRP that I have ever tried (i’ve tried just
about all of them!!). If you want just straight protein, go to the
protein factory. Buy their WPC, its cheap and they
guarantee purity. I wouldn’t try the MRP’s they sell though,
the taste isn’t that good and they don’t mix well if you
choose to add casein. Another vote for Grow!