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Protein powders/Mrps

Does anyone know how reliable Met-Rx, Chemical Nutrition and Prolab protein powders are? I’m only asking this because i cant obtain Biotest products in Australia.

Met-Rx contains very high quality milk protein isolate (mainly casesin in its most unprocessed form), casesin, whey concentrate (better really than isolate), egg protein, and added glutamine peptides. It is much better than Prolab’s whey products and somewhat better than Chemical Nutrition’s casein products.

All three have solid reputations. I agree with the previous post. If I had to choose, Met-RX would be the best of the three.

Met-Rx tastes so much better too!

Mike, are you sure that MET-Rx is a better product than the Chemical Nutrition products? Does MET-Rx contain undenatured micellar casein like the Chemical proteins? Also, the amount of added glutamine in Chemical’s ProPeptide is pretty high and it is also peptide-bonded, which is superior to the free form that is in MET-Rx. I agree that both of these products should be a lot better than the pure whey products. You may also want to try AST’s NYTRO-PRO 40 mrp, which is similar in design to the original MET-Rx.

The casein protein in Met-Rx is undenatured micellar casein protein. In fact, it is even less processed than the casein protein in ProPeptide, since Met-Rx uses milk protein isolate rather than casein isolate. Casein isolate requires an additional processing stem to remove the whey from the casein. I agree ProPeptide is better with respect to the peptide-bonded glutamine, as free form glutamine is nearly worthless, especially in low doses and combined with other amino acids (as it is in a protein supplement). Met-Rx definitely bungled that one. However, I believe Met-Rx’s latest formula, Pro50 does contain peptide-bonded glutamine and also contains added lactoferrin, which seems to have health benefits and is associated with the muscle building process. In what quantities it contains these additives, however, I am unsure. I’ve looked at AST’s NYTRO-PRO, and it looks like an excellent product, though it is beyond me why they have added all those free form amino acids. They are unlikely to be absorbed well by the body, and probably unliklier still to have any beneficial effects.

G’day Hy! I’m Australian too, so I know how frustrating it is to not be able to get Biotest products. Actually, the only good MRP’s available to us are MetRx and Myoplex, but they are very expensive (about $7/serving). My best advice to you is to get used to mixing skim milk with a quality protein powder. ProLab’s whey is good, relatively cheap, but has added maltodextrin. Max’s whey is good, relatively cheap, but doesn’t mix well. Aussie Bodies also have good quality protein, but they taste very average and don’t mix well.

If there are any Aussie’s out there with good protein sources, please let me know.

Met-rx rules!!! of course its reliable…why would I sell it at Kmart if it wasn’t?

hey dan, thanks for the advice…actually, that’s what i’ve been doing with prolab whey protein. I know that Ian King recommends Met-Rx and he also said that Musashi sucked. The only Bioest product that we can get here is Powerdrive…regards

Ring First Nutrition in New Zealand. I don’t know their number off hand - do a search through T-Mag site. They sell certain Biotest products. I would rather take the risk of ordering Androsol than buy some MRP that has been sitting on the shelf for six months. Either that or buy EAS (if your made of gold).
Save your cash. There is nothing wrong with milk , eggs or meat. Still MRP’s are convenient food.