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Protein Powders & Milk vs. H2O

Hey guys,
Here’s kind of a dumb question, but I’ve just got to ask it.

On almost every supplement or MRP powder I’ve looked at, the mixing instructions always call for water.

I don’t know about you all, but that just sounds nasty. I mix with milk, usually 2% (I’m trying to bulk right now), but sometimes I just have to use whatever’s available. Generally everything I’ve tried has been pretty tolerable, and I just can’t imagine trying to mix it with water and being able to stomach it.

Aside from the calories, fat, etc. that the milk adds, are there any other drawbacks to using milk instead of water?


I mix mine with water when I am cutting - it isn’t all that bad. Sometimes I will add a bit of fat free milk for taste. I find it mixes better with water than with milk, and it goes down a bit easier to.


Just mix it with whatever the hell you wanna mix it in.

However, if you’re stuck somewhere with a shaker cup filled with protein powder and no milk available, or your current diet doesn’t allow the calories, water sure works damn well in that situation. Convenience is one of the beautiful aspects of powders.

Also, different protein brands taste different. Namely, the brand sold on this site, Metabolic Drive, tastes pretty much better than anything else, yes, even with water.


[quote]analog_kid wrote:

I’ll drink to that!

I mix mine with skim milk when I have a shake for breakfast. I use water, hood, or a mixture of both for my last meal of the day.

Breakfast shake (when running late or feeling lazy)
16 ounces of skim milk
one scoop chocolate Grow!
one sccop chocolate ON
one half to one cup raw oats
banana or mixed berries
ice cubes

Last meal of the day
16 ounces of water or 16 ounces of hood or eight ounces of water and eight ounces of hood
two scoops of chocolate Grow!
two tablespoons of milled flax seed
(I also eat a serving of walnuts or almonds)


Most protein powders taste better with milk, but sometimes that doesn’t fit your dietary needs.

Generally, if you are a puss or simply are buying something that doesn’t taste as good as Metabolic Drive, you can mix in a bit of heavy cream and then use water.

This gives you a taste close to that of milk but without the added carbs.

I mix mine with water post-workout and in the morning when I need it in my system fast. I mix it with 2% at night, to slow down the digestive process and supply my muscles with protein over a longer period of time.

If you’d been using supplements or protein powder for any length of time, you’d be resigned to the fact that almost all of it tastes terrible unless you mix it with ice cream and half a can of chocolate syrup (which would be kind of counter productive).

Shake it up, wash it down, chase it with some water and try to pretend that you enjoy it - eventually, you’ll get to the point where it’s not so bad.


i like water because it seems to digest a lot faster so i can get on to the real food.

Thanks for the feedback, everybody. The powder I have right now is totally unpalateable, but that’s probably my fault for getting the “mocha coffee” flavor, which is terrible even with milk. I just mixed it with 2% and a little Ovaltine and ice, and that made it tolerable. I just need the protein for tonight.

Once this shit is gone, I’ll be switching back to Metabolic Drive and Met-RX as my two supplements of choice.

This is a whole 'nother thread, which I’ll probably start next time I’m bored, but I gotta say… I feel like a total moron when it comes to diet as applies to lifting… I’ll think I’ve got it figured out, then I’ll read something else that directly contradicts what I’ve been doing… and the more I read, the more confused I get.

I like to think I’m a pretty bright guy, but this stuff makes my head spin.

Oh, well, like I said… another thread.

Thakns again,

I am not sure if any touched on this but many whey proteins call for water because the casins in milk slow down the digestion proces.

Whey is generally ment to be be absorbed quickly (pre/post work out). Mixing it with milk defeats that purpose. Hope that helps with your question.

Water and ice works best for me.

i just do half water half milk. water doesnt make it taste nasty at all