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Protein Powders Killing Me with Gas, Bloating and Diarrhea

I’ve been using Beast blended for the last few months and it’s been pretty good. I do have some nice farts, but that’s par for the course.

Pound the food forget the protein powder. protein powders should reserved only for when your schedule doesn’t allow you to eat and get your meals in.

Dymatize iso 100 and dymatize elite casein seem to be working well for me and minimal if any stomach issues.

Personally never had an issue with powders I used in younger lifting days (Can’t remember what they were now but they were all flavoured). Used some phd diet whey recently which was fine even with 2-3 scoops at a time.

Ordered a batch of flavoured whey from myprotein recently which caused my guts to evacuate like a MF (mixed with water), completely emptied me out. Unsure of what did it but I’m thinking something to do with the sweeteners as I’m not lactose intolerant (go through a fair amount of whole milk, cottage cheese and Greek yoghurt every day).

I usually have trouble with the sweeteners, I use myprotein but just suck it up and get unflavored…you’ll get used to it after a week or so just got to be more on top of washing out shakers!

Is this the impact whey? I may get back onto it if so, price point makes it attractive…

Yea just impact bro!

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love protein oats in the morning or half a scoop of protein powder in cottage cheese or Greek yogurt but since I’ve dropped pro powders out of my diet my digestion and regularity have taken a step in a better direction. It could just be me but it looks like my overall quality of physique looks slightly better since I’ve replaced those “powder” or “liquid” calories with healthy whole foods. Remember when it comes down to it ANY protein powder is just another processed food… as body builders aren’t we suppose to stay away from processed foods as much as possible? Just my 2 cents!

Scottish person! Another Scottish person!

This won’t do. I am the resident Scottish person.

We must fight to the death.

EDIT: and also yeah if you’ve dropped out foods you are having an allergic/inflammatory response to then you’ll lose a few inches off your waist from the bloat going away, and you’ll be holding less water.

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Lol a fight to the death it is! Or mayne instead a lift off! Anyway in regards to my comment I wasn’t really experiencing bloat or anything just wanted to see how my body reacted to more whole foods and through that process realised it might have been backing me up because now I’m definitely more regular.

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Ahh Scots and other Scots. Mortal enemies since the dawn of time.

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I had that problem when I purchased a very cheap protein powder. When I use better quality powders it doesn’t happen.