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Protein Powders Killing Me with Gas, Bloating and Diarrhea

Does anyone else experience terrible glass, bloating and diarrhea after taking supplement protein powders. I’m not using milk just cranberry juice.
Anything to counteract these feelings? I need my supps but may be sleeping out on the porch from now on.
I’ve tried every gold standard whey, combat, jym pro, animal; synthia 6 edge and waiting on dymatize to cone in.
Gas x and anti diarheal don’t work too well. What else to try?

I don’t know some of those brands but have you tried pea protein isolate?

I take it you are lactose intolerant?

If nothing works, you may need to just ditch powders and get you protein old school style…


Get some good lactase/digestive enzymes and/or try some of the beef proteins

Why not try with water or milk? Could be the cranberry juice. Stop wasting your money. No need to change up brands. They’re pretty much all the same

Is your powder just whey? Ones that are strictly whey don’t give me the squirts, but I do get some horrid farts which smell like a skunk crawled up another skunk’s ass and died. Maybe you could start a new powder with quarter or half servings and build up a tolerance.

Lately I’ve kind of liked the idea of using a powder with a blend of all types, to cover all the bases.

Yes. I’ve tried whey and beef and both give me terrible gas. The best help I’ve gotten is from digestive enzymes. I take Animal Pak (has a digestive enzyme complex) which seems to have helped a lot. Still get gas, but not nearly as bad.

Why do you need the protein supps?


Eat what your body likes you to eat.

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Taking supplements help to make sure the body is getting all the vitamins, nutrients and proteins it needs, especially when working out hard and trying to push to the next level. Busy lifestyles dont always give the time and resources needed to just eat what we want when we want. A good protein powder shake can fill those voids and keep your protein intake at a good maximum level, IMHO.

entirely agree but that’s a different point entirely.

When you drink a protein shake you are getting gas, bloating and even diarrhoea, so ask yourself this:

How much of [quote=“recoil9, post:10, topic:231958”]
all the vitamins, nutrients and proteins it needs, especially when working out hard and trying to push to the next level

do you think your body is absorbing when it’s exploding out of your anus a couple of hours later?

Fact is these shakes are fucking with your gut health, and any nutritional benefit or convenience they can offer is completely negated by that fact.

Pick a food/supplement your body can actually digest.


The only protein shake that ever did this to me was a super cheap junk brand I bought at a resale shop.

Those big MetRX candy bars used to give me some deadly farts though. Made a couple of guys at work actually puke. Excellent hang time on those suckers too. Like a wall of stink.

Anyways- when my son was an infant he had a bona-fide milk protein allergy that affected him the same way. We had to switch to a casein based formula.

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You are probably lactose intolerant (I am) you can try whey isolate (most common whey powders are concentrate which have a fair amount of lactose in them) which i find much better than concentrate but still sometimes gives my gut some issues. if that doesn’t work try non whey powders, pea is pretty good mixed with your choice of juice, there is also egg or meat powders which I’ve never tried but may be better for you too.

I’m moderately lactose intolerant. Yogurt and cheese are fine but milk or ice cream give me horrible gas and diarrhea. I use Optimum Nurtition Gold Standard whey and casein. I mix with Fairlife brand whole milk. It’s half the sugar, twice the protein and normal fat plus it’s lactose free. No gas or the poops at all.

You should try a protein powder that is gluten free. And then try a plant based powder. I have lactose problem and I take gluten free protein with lactaid milk.

I’ve heard that if you get bloated or gassy from protein powders right after you use them, it’s because you already have enough protein in your diet. I don’t know how accurate that is.

In my own experience, once I started training legs as heavy as I’m supposed to, those feelings went away after taking my protein powder. Maybe because my body needed the protein more, or maybe my body just got used to the powder finally. Just food for thought


I’m a little skeptical too, but it used to happen for me and now it doesn’t. I don’t know why, but there might be some truth to it. I have no idea

yeah, that’s definitely not how it works…

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I think it’s lactose intolerant. Same happens if I have Greek yogurt, and if I add yogurt you protein powder forgetaboutit!
Seemed like such a quick protein boost too. Greek yogurt with 22 grams of protein and a protein powder with 25 grams all in a shake. That’s a nice amount of protein if your not lactose intolerant.
I’m gonna try the lactaid enzyme pill and see if that helps any.

Im lactose intolerant and even hydrolysed isolate bloats and gas me to the extreme. Im switching to eggwhites and bcaa’s from now on.