Protein Powder

I have always used a very cheap protein (walmart cheap) and mixed it in with my shakes to give me a big calorie boost (1 shake for 1000 calories). I have recently purchased Syntha 6 a higher end good tasting protein and I am wondering if it would be smart to save this for just post workout, and continue using the cheap protein for shakes for the calorie boost. Does this make sense?

Nope, you are planning on using a slow release protein powder as a post workout meal.

Even if you can’t get something like Surge, what about chocolate milk, dextrose/malto drinks with regular whey?

Okay, what is a quick release protein that would be good? I am goign to keep the cheap protein around because I am in college and dont have to pay for that out of my own pocket because it is so cheap and I mix it with quality foods for a quick calorie source

Whey hydroslate/hydrolyzed whey is fast acting protein, ~20minutes.

It taste shit on it’s own if you can find the powder raw, so mixing it with malto/dext is essential even though it won’t be great, it’s also found in Surge which actually taste good.