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Protein Powder?

Well i just bought protein powder and i want to know…when is the best time to take it? before and after a workout? it is 20 grams of proteiin per serving. Do cycles work well with protein powder? help is appreciated thanks.

take it as a replacement for real food, and post-workout.

I’m assuming you bought Whey protein.

Depending on if its Isolate or Concentrate will tell you when it’s optimal to consume. Whey Isolate is better to be taken after a workout and Whey Concentrate as a meal replacement because it is digested over a longer period of time.

They say there is a 1.5 to 2 hour timeframe after your workout that you need to intake a lot of food - this is the time when you should have the shake aswell as EAT big. 20 g of protein is on the lower end of protein shakes, if its size/strenght you are going for you may want go take 2 servings of it.

I have done a lot of reading here, and I have never heard of cycling protein.

[quote]bruinsdmb wrote:
take it as a replacement for real food, and post-workout.[/quote]

No and not necessarily. Jesus christ.

To the OP… what type of cycle are you talking about?

Protein is a supplement. You need to use it as such. Get as much protein from whole food each day as you can and if you just can’t get enough (or as much as you need), then you would use the powder to increase your numbers. There is no real definitive timeframe for when to ingest it. Yes some say after a workout, but that’s just too simple of a response. Something like Surge is much better than just protein alone.

Protein supplements are also great first thing in the morning to break that catabolic streak, but as a newbie I wouldn’t be too concerned about that. Again whole food would be better here.