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Whats your favorite proten powder?
I like Grow!, Designeer & the new Nuclear Nutrition mp4-but they say it has 80g protein per serving & 22 grams gluatamine-isnt that imposible/!
Is the EAS stuff any good?!

Sure it’s possible to get 80g of protein in a shake. They just put in a lot of powder or use really big fucking scoops! Remember the old number wars that used to be fought with weight gainers. I bought this huge keg of powder once, lugged it home in the back of a pick-up and it turned out it was only four servings! Some companies are doing that with protein powder now. One of the old Rater X columns at T-mag talks about it.

I’ve used a few brands of whey. By far my favorite is ASN Affinity. Very high bulk density (sinks in water) and very soluable. I can mix 60g in 8oz water easy.

My favorite is EAS’s 5lb Simply Protein. I’ve tried chocolate and currently use vanilla, and they’re both really good. It mixes fine in either a blender or shaker. I get a GREAT deal at the Vitamin Shoppe. The 5lb container comes to only $28.00 which is cheaper than all the other big protein containers but its from EAS so I trust the quality is great. I’m not a Body-For-Life fan but I dont think they’re risk getting tested and not having what their label claims in it. Another great thing is it comes with a little scoop so each scoop is 10g protein, convienient for each persons individual needs and no added carbs.

The purest protein on the market is Max pro from Max Muscle. Grow is a meal replacement (a darn good one at that though). The max pro is extremely pure. I tested it at a company i work for in our lab. I wouldn’t buy anything from Mister Phillips.

My favorite is ProBlend 55 by HDT…the alpine vanilla rocks! It’s a blend of 6 different proteins, not just whey.

I never found the perfect tasting whey protein. I tried Designer, nice smooth texture but weak taste. MVP, tastes much too sweet ( I have a central nervous system attack after each sip). NHF, yuk! Prolab is not bad. I tried Met-Rx and so far it’s the best tasting protein powder according to my taste. Except maybe for the strawberry flavour that tastes like pepto-bismol, but I added berries and it was better. The texture is excellent. I can’t wait to try Carb-free GROW! For MRPs, it’s Met-Rx all the way!

I use Optimum Nutrition’s whey protein. I can get 5 lbs for around $24 because of a membership discount where I shop. 1 scoop (about 1/3 cup) gives 22 grams of protein, it mixes well with a spoon and the vanilla and strawberry are both good tasting.

I love VP2 from AST- mixes great, tastes good, nice texture. Prolab peach mixed in milk was actually good too. The EAS sucks to me. Designer protein used to be great back before they changed the formula about 3 years ago. Used to mix like easily and taste great, now it sucks and wont mix as well. I’m sending away for my 4 boxes of grow at DPS nutrition, should be here tomorrow. I’m looking forward to tasting it. Glad they put it in packs too. I’ll just dump it right in my shaker bottle.

I’m pretty much immune to taste, I look for good quality and cost. A tip to really improve flavor, particularly w. chocolate whey protein. Mix it w. milk and sugar-free Nestle’s Quik-makes all the difference in the world. You could also use a natural sweetener like Splenda or something similar too.

i like Grow but for straight proteins i am gonna try casseinate from ProteinFactory, and i am currently taking CFM Whey chocolate (it uses a cocoa like in QUICK) and sweetened w/ sucralose. It has basically no texture but i like that for my postworkout shakes, where you can dump like 4 scoops in (grow scooper) for like a 100g of protein and yet it isn’t that hard to drink

The proteins i like are nytrowhey by prosource and cytopro by cytodyne technologies. The reason is because of their excellent quality and their value. They are not meal replacements, just pure whey protein isolate formulas. They have very low carbs so I usually take some added carbs with them.

I have had many proteins, and the best so far has been the chocolate Designer, or the raspberry by Scitec. I tried the strawberry banana by Glutapro, and it tastes good, but there are only 17.5g of protein in a serving. I have not tried Grow, but as soon as I am off Fat Fast, in 6 weeks, I will give it a shot.

I like Grow!'s taste a lot, but I have trouble getting it to mix in my shaker. I always get big gummy clumps at the bottom that never dissolve. I tried putting in a ball bearing, like a can of spray paint, but it really didn’t do the job. Do you guys have any tips on mixing?

I just use a blender, Hyok.

As for plain protein powders, I don’t have much use for them. I just use Grow!. TC said once that using a different protein at certian times probably doesn’t make that big of a difference in the end. Like switching from casein to whey after training is going to make you blow up??? Please! Yes, I realize that maybe whey is technically better after a workout and casein is good before bed, but honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. There are bigger things to worry about. Use a blend of proteins and quit nit-picking. My 2 pennies…

always liked labrada’s pro v-60 mixed with milk. tried eas’s myoplex and i guess that’s tolerable (tastewise), haven’t tried any of their designer protein. anyway i find the v-60 to taste excellent (especially considering it is nutritious), but did find it somewhat a disappointment when i bought my first jug and opened it up and it was only like a third full. :frowning: …still a good value as it is though. just don’t see why the jugs are so damn big.

Hey Hyok, I bought a shaker bottle from AST about a year ago. The best shaker bottle out their by far. It’s tough, durable, and it has a cage that totally smoothes out the mixture in seconds. I’ve used it for myoplex and grow, and it comes out as if you blended it on low speed. I saw the bottles in the AST section of DPSnutrition.com for 5 bucks. Maybe T-Mag can come out with a Grow shaker bottle?

Thanks Brooklyn Mike. I’ll give that a try.

rush7. i really like lebradas proV60 also.
tastes like a mickyD’s shake to me.
i have only tried vanilla. is the chocolate good?

For protein, I like Gentec’s Extreme Whey, chocolate–good quality protein, lots of amino acids, and good flavor. I’ve also tried AST’s Vyo-Pro, which tastes awful. Someone else said that VP2 tastes good–can others comment, please? For a meal, Grow is still the best I’ve found. The flavor itself is so good that I still mix a scoop of Grow in my with other protein powders.