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Protein Powder W/ Oatmeal


Hello everyone!

I am a HUGE consumer of Biotest products -- I usually have at least 3 jugs of Metabolic Drive, as well as Surge and HOT-ROX in my house, however... I usually use something other than Metabolic Drive powder to mix in my morning oatmeal. I don't know if any of you have tried it, but, unfortunately, Metablic Drive just tastes... funny in oatmeal.

I have been using Extreme Whey by World Wide Protein in my oatmeal for about 6 months. But my local store looks like its discontinuing it, so I'm kinda shopping around for other alternatives. Extreme Whey blended really well in my oatmeal and though I despise the taste of it in a shake, it was wonderful in Oatmeal.

So, after all that expository info to prevent any possible Biotest backlash :wink:... I ask ya'll... what protein do you use (if any) to mix with oats?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I eat my Metabolic Drive in oatmeal but also add in some fruit....usually blueberries. You could also add in some sort of extract. I find almond oil to be very good! It also seems to mix better with the coarser milled varieties.....steel cut, scottish cut etc....


Yeah, I always add berries and a little bit of splenda to my oats as well. I guess I can try Metabolic Drive again. I really just did not like the taste of it when I tried it in the Oatmeal a few months back.


I don't have time for breakfast, so what I do throw some oatmeal in the blender with my shake and drink.


Have you tried banana Metabolic Drive in oatmeal? It tastes awesome.


Try honey instead of splenda. It has natural antioxidants.


Maybe you just got used to what the other stuff tasted like. Nothing wrong with that.

You could just drink the Metabolic Drive and then eat your oatmeal like normal, you dont need to mix them.


I second this. I highly recommend mixing banana metabolic drive into your milk/water in a seperate shaker cup, and then pouring that into your oatmeal.

Add a little splenda and some cinnamon, verrrrrrrrry good.


Metabolic Drive, the taste and quality are both there. It can be mixed with almost anything.


I'll highlight the steel-cut oats that someone else mentioned. I throw a few of them in with the regular old-fashioned and it really improves the mouth feel.

I'm not a big fan of orange, but the rest of the Metabolic Drive flavors I've tried are tasty with oatmeal. Of course, I'm not wide awake at that time of day either.


Just eat your oatmeal and then drink your shake. No reason to mix it unless you really want to.


Second this. Mixing tends to make a concrete type mess for me. I usually don't mind, even like, the taste of protein powder, but when it gets heated up it tastes awful.


Yes. The Banana tastes wonderful in oatmeal. I add different things to the protein powder/oatmeal mixture. Unsweetened coconut that I have oven-browned and stored in airtight containers, chopped up banana, chopped fresh strawberries, raisins, cinnamon, splenda, 1/2 tsp. cocoa powder, sometimes a teaspoon of butter.


I've been using chocolate Grow! with my rolled oats along with yoghurt. tastes like dessert, but good anytime!


Mix the protein in after you've cooked your oatmeal. Definetely tastes different than actually cooking the protein powder. I use Vanilla Metabolic Drive in my oatmeal every morning. FREAKING wake up looking forward to it.


I have never tried Metabolic Drive...but I use Isopure and mix it with oatmeal regularly and it is absolutely delicious.

2 scoops Isopure
3/4 c oats
2 packets splenda



I don't use Metabolic Drive, but I do cook my oatmeal 1st- then mix powder with milk and add to oatmeal.
Sometimes I use berries or sometimes I stir in pnt butter to cooked oatmeal, then add chocolate protein!!


Agreed, the powder goes in after the oatmeal is cooked. If it's still too thick, you didn't use enough water.


Absolutely correct here. The heat makes it like jelly. Make the oatmeal first, a little wet, then as it's cooling mix in the Metabolic Drive. I like the Vanilla in mine.


ummm... to clarify, and I'm not cooking the protein powder, just adding it in with berriews after oats are done. But thanks for the thought!