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Protein Powder Types


Hi, I know that Biotest products are awesome, but shipping is insanity to Canada. Therefore, I need to know the second best type of protein to build mass. I know that the current isolate, micellar casein that Metabolic Drive uses is the best, but I need something more affordable. Do you think that pure Whey Isolate would be the 2nd best or a mixture of isolate and concentrate?

I have been looking at mixtures that have micellar casein, whey isolate, concentrate, milk protein and egg albumen. Essentially a mix of all 5 types of proteins. Is this product worth paying 40$ CDN for 1.2 kg?? Let me know your thoughts, please do not suggest ON, I think it is crap.


Actually, you're wrong. Sorry, no other way to say it, but you're straight wrong. The very best type of protein for building muscle: Hydrolyzed whey! As in what is used in Surge. I'm amazed how someone could think that a caseinate is a good protein for muscle building. Rather nice as an anti-catabolic solution(protein sparing) but horrible for an anabolic(muscle building) solution. For anabolism, use some hydro whey mixed with dex and maltodex...

Oh and blends are complete crap usually.
Isolate is junk, only a mere fraction better than concentrate. And concentrate not very good for your peri(pre/during/post)workout drink, hydro whey does that best.

SO, to wrap it all up: Try to get some hydrowhey for your workouts and some concentrate for other times.


You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. Hydro is the best for gaining muscle? With Dex, and Malto? Are you trying to get this guy in a diabetic coma, or even a lard ass? Micellar is good due to longer period of protein synthesis. It all has it's purpose.

You're better with food first of all...but as for whey, any blend from a reputable name is always your best choice. I prefer Champion so far. Biotest is probably one of the best but not the only option as far as protein. Get something affordable thats been around a while. Don't even bother why hydro, it tastes like fuckin shit, and is expensive as hell.


Please do not talk Rubbish.


I also fail to see how a positive nitrogen balance for a longer period of time is not anabolic..

Haha, funny shit.


I'm just curious what it is you don't like about ON? Being in Canada myself I know what you mean about ordering from Biotest. I personally use ON's Gold Standard 100% Whey protein. To my understand it's a good product and gets quite good reviews. What about it do you find to be "crap"?


YOU clearly don't know what you're talking about.
So Surge is a poor periworkout shake? It is hydro whey with dex and maltodex morons. Caseinate would be fine for other times but isn't fast enough for periworkout, you guys are speaking rubbish. Check your facts...


Casein rocks, even if the "protein sparing" effects you speek about are absoloutely correct you would still gain muscle. Net growth = protein synthesis - protein breakdown. If net growth is positive your gaining muscle. ANY protein will affect either of those two variables. Some more then others, but thats irrelevent for the question he asked. Moron.

Further more blends are great too. whey/casein blends especially. Graph absorption and it should be obvious why.

Your inet product rhetoric is killing me.


Guess what? Bruce Lee drank shitty whey powders instead of his Biotest Classic Grow! and look what happened...he died.


I think we're all on the same page and don't need to play semantics.

Perhaps a discussion about specific needs would yield more positive responses.

Either way, we're all on the same track.


Either way, i like casein/whey blends. I just buy the two seperately and cheap. Then blend into fruit smoothies, etc. If I think its more important just to get the protein that you need rather then specific types. I often think, "isolates", etc are more of a conspiracy theory to make people pay more money :wink:

Id love Biotest stuff but its too expensive in aus. Ive heard Biotest might come out with a cheaper whey concentrate for us poor bastards that would be great.


This is the bit I was being specific about when I said Rubbish. Any protein with a comprehensive profile of amino acids is potentially anabolic. How exactly did we all grow up without using whey protein products to get protein ?

    I have started lifting again two months ago and now  I am thinking about purchasing and using whey protein shakes.  One of my health professors (who is a dr) has warned me about taking protein shakes because there have been studies showing that they may slow your metabolism.  Is there any truth to that?


...and Elvis died from using San Nutrition products...

Seriuosly though... Does the absorbtion rate matter much if you get enough protein? I'm getting 200 grams of protein from shakes alone at the moment and if you add the whole food protein to that, I'm getting more than enough. I could care less about the absorbtion rate of the protein in the shakes, because I know I'm getting plenty.


John, I can't imagine that would be true (or resemble anything close to the truth), so it'd be a great idea to ask for references. Who knows, we may learn something new and crazy.

Having said that, these people need to understand that they have a responsibility to teach the truth -whether they like it or not. Their lies are nearly as bad put forth by the very industry that they are so vehemently against.


SP, strictly looking at quantity is more of an oldschool approach (one that profs like to use to dismiss high protein intakes). Now we know that the type of protein and its time of consumption matters quite a bit. This is exactly the type of information I'll be covering in The Anabolic Index.

Some call it obsessive or overkill, I call it optimization.


Is that an article or a book you are writing? Any studies on the topic you can direct me to? Every scientific approach to the topic is of great interest to me.