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Protein Powder. Too Much?


hello, i just started about a week ago and i got a jug of Classic Grow!. I noticed that i go through this stuff fast, im already half way through the bottle....Am i consuming to much? I usually take one scoop a day and 2 scoops on days i work out.


No thats not too much.


You are nowhere near using too much Classic Grow! MRP.


I thought this was going to be a thread about Protein Powda, but I guess i misread it. Sort of disappointed, I was looking for a good laugh.

As for the protein, I consume 3 to 4 scoops most days and I have no problems. I use a lactose-free protein since I'm lactose intolerant. That could be the only problem if you have problems with dairy.


sorry if my thread was misleading..i just wanted to simply know how much people spend on protein powder montly and how much they consume....


depened on how much you whey(... ba-dum-ching)

Seriously though, Protein requirements vary with activity levels, weight, and what your regular food intake looks like.

Normally, I will eat around 2 scoops a day but that can shoot up to 8 if I'm in a run some times.


Its not uncommon for me to have 6 or 7 scoops of Metabolic Drive on some days. Your only using 1-2.


I use 2-3 scoops a day. You should be fine.


Yeah, depends on what you weigh and how much protein you are going for, but I'm about 99.99999999999% sure you are not overdoing it.


I'm using 9 scoops, 6 days a week right now.


Of classic Grow? Do you also eat food? That's a lot of supplemental protein/carbs.


Yes, Classic Grow! as the MRP that it is.

9 scoops only comes to 900 cals, 120 protein, 72 carbs. That isn't exactly a lot of anything.

I also eat three grilled-chicken salads a day. Obviously, I'm dieting.


No that's not near too much.

But one note: you should be using Surge for your workouts, rather than Grow! or Metabolic Drive. The latter digest more slowly. Surge is meant to digest quickly right after a workout, when your body needs quick fuel the most.

How much you spend on protein is up to your budget. If you can't afford Surge, good old chocolate milk is a viable substitute. It doesn't have all the advantages of Surge, but it works adequately.


so exactly how much does everyone spend on powder ?


I sold my first born son into slavery and my right testicle to continue to afford my protein.

The left eye goes next, with my fingers coming in a close second.


i am currenting taking mega whey extreme gnc pro performance, and have been for a while. Now i am tihnk about also taking animal stak. I was wondering if it is okay to take these two supplements at the same time?


kind of sicken me the way you put it...reminds me of hostel......


you figure 3 scoops a day on avg, that will take 9 days to go through a tub.

sooo...like 65 bucks a month on protein, not too bad. If it wasn't the protein it would be some other kind of food that costs money. Protein in just easier than chewing another chicken breast.


ha ha ha most containers come half empty dont worry you arent knocking on the door of overdose i better most T-Men take 4 or 5 times that dose... granted they may be overdoing it but you my friend are not


I wonder how much John Basdow consumes..