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Protein Powder Storage

I am looking to break down my 5lb jug into smaller ones that actually fit into my cabinets. But I noticed that all protein powder jugs are opaque. I am assuming this is for a reason? Does anyone suggest one type of container over another?

I’m assuming they, the manufactures, do it based simply on cost effectivness.

I’d suggest some good ole tupperware, or some similar air-tight container. As long as it’s sealed properly, stored away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, you’ll be just fine.

They’re stored in opaque containers partly for cost, yes, but mostly to protect the proteins as they are in an easily damaged state. If you read the label, there will be directions for storage which says something along the lines of “store away from heat and light”. The opaqueness of the container helps with the light part.

AS always, thanks guys. I worked in a pharmacy and I know that certain meds are sensitive to light. I thought the same with this. Thanks again!