Protein Powder Stability?

Just curious, would someone know the life expectancy of protein powder when mixed up. Is it ok to mix a bunch of whey in water and leave it for the day, and all have the protein still be ok? Just wondering, because a lot of supplement manufacturers say to drink the protein immediately and I was just wondering if this had to do with it oxidizing after its mixed or something. Thanks.

Depends on the whey brand / type etc. Two things are going to be most detrimental to a mixed whey, similar to the problems in processing / production that of temperature and pH changes.

For example mixing in water would prob be ok for a certain time period but juice no. In fact you will notice the difference after its been in juice a while. Depends on the concentrations of the various amino acids in the mix too. Lot of variables. Its best to take powder in a beaker or something and just add water when needed.

From what I’ve heard/read, protein denatures after 15 minutes of sitting in a shaker bottle (the fact that it was mixed, not thats its in the bottle).

I ready a few weeks back (maybe?) that TRIGWU after a marathon would mix 5 scoops of metabolic drive (formerly, Metabolic Drive!) in a shaker with water and just sip it throughout the day.

Is Metabolic Drive an exception to this “rule”?