Protein Powder Rotation Question

Ok, FNG here! :slight_smile:

Made a rookie mistake and got all excited about working out and got in the Amazon trap of ordering without paying too much attention.

Now I’m reading about rotating protein powder, Monday=Brand A, Tues=Brand B, Wed=C, Thu=back to A … and so on …

well now I’ve got 10.26 POUNDS of the same kind! :open_mouth:

Based on my current schedule that’s like 6 months worth. :slight_smile:

Should I get some smaller 2# guys and rotate them in?


why would you want to rotate ur brand of protein lol?

I use the same protein powder and have done so for about a year. Sometimes if I’m feeling crazy I’ll order a different flavor, but that’s about it.

I realize you are a troll, but I’m compelled to answer this thread in a serious manner.

WTF are you talking about? Why would you rotate your protein powder. No one does this. People worry about little detials like this (insignificantly small things) never make any progress because they’re stuck on stupid. If you’re concerned you’re not getting a full spectrum of amino acids profiles, nutrients, and possibly immune bosting immunoglobolins, then switch up your whole food protein sources.

Actually, I think Berardi has spoken about rotating protein powder. Personally, I don’t see the point if it’s of the same type (whey, casein, etc) among different brands.

Now as far as rotating among types, that might have more merit, though I don’t buy it.

I will say since cutting back on my protein powder intake (some dairy as well), my gases have been SO MUCH better.

Most protein powders are made from only 2-3 companies worldwide…
BTW I ordered 85lbs of protein a few months back…NEWB!

Note to the OP, ask ‘why’ you should do something before you ask ‘how’ to do it. Otherwise you’ll get flamed, like so.

10 pounds only lasts about a month…fucking newb

I also saw a video clip where Berardi mentioned it, but he was talking about cycling between egg, rice, hemp, etc. Probably only useful if you’re a vegetarian that consumes a ton of powder.

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
10 pounds only lasts about a month…fucking newb[/quote]

This, shit I would get the expensive stuff if ten pounds lasted me 6 months.

I got some with pshylim husk (sp) in it. Let me tell you, fucking AWESOME. I am dropping deuce like no one knows these days.

Feels good man.

Yep as a couple people have mentioned, the reason I ask was because Berardi mentioned it, who I understood was an accepted dude here.
And ya I’m only doing 1 scoop per day right now, because as my OP stated, I am a feckin’ n00b.

So thanks for all your comments, constructive and otherwise. :smiley: