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Protein Powder Replacement?


I'm currently living in Turkey where protein powder is $100 for a tub. I'd rather avoid paying so much for something that is usually pretty cheap, so I was wondering what could be a cheaper alternative?

I just drank 4 raw eggs, they are cheap here, is this a resonable replacement? I just want something to fill in the gaps between meals. I am aware of raw egg issues and have done some research, it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Cheers in advance


Snack on almonds? Drink milk? Prepare whole meals with lean protein in advance? It's not that difficult.


Thanks? :wink: Are almonds comparable in protein terms? I already drink lots of milk, but I used to add 2 to 3 protein shakes in a day in the past.

Would 4 raw eggs cover the loss of the protein shake?

I might just bite the bullet and buy the protein.


Eggs only have ~6g protein.

Can you not buy protein on the internet?


I'm going to do some more research, I just found some for $70. Getting it shipped from outside Turkey is not an option due to cost. I need the calories as much as anything, so I'll stick with the eggs for now.


I drink egg whites out of the carton doesnt taste bad and has plenty o protein


When I studied abroad in the Netherlands protein was equally expensive. I drank a liter of chocolate milk after training. I also ate an enormous amount of chicken.

Think about it, if you get in 5 hearty whole food meals a day with lean protein, complex carbs, veggies, and healthy fat how will you NOT grow?

Evan Centaponi eats pretty much all whole food. Shelby Starnes doesn't do post-workout stuff when he's dieting for a contest because his main goal is to be anti-catabolic. The only powders he has is like a whey/casein mix with some peanut butter and the only reason he eats that over whole food is just out of convenience.

So Food is your alternative for no protein powder.


Good point FightingScott, I upped my egg intake to 9 raw eggs a day and I'm going to squeeze in a tuna sandwich. No pork in Turkey, so bacon is gone sniff and beef costs a fortune. I have started buying 1kg of chicken to last me two days for around 6$. I'm getting serious about lifting again after a 6 month hiatus, I forgot how expensive mass food consumption can be, especially in foreign countries.

Thanks guys.


Turkish Kebabs?
Also I remember seafood being very popular and easy to get hold of. Also try yogurt and turkish cheese (similar to Feta). These are all fairly cheap. I think they also have a kind of dried yogurt cheese, (Kurut?) that's quite nice.


Yes, kebabs are definitely an option and cheap. If you want them with fresh and lean meat they cost quite a bit more. You are right, cheese and yogurt are also reasonable. Staple foods are cheap, but everything else is at a premium, they are a bread and dessert nation which don't really suit bodybuilders. All supplements also are ridiculously expensive.

I need to change my diet to take into account Turkish cuisine, pretty simple. I'll have to live without supplements until I can get a friend to bring some across for me.


Kebabs an option? You sure about that?

I've been to Turkey several times (I'm Greek), and I've eaten their 'fresh' and 'lean' kebab.
Most of the times you can't tell for sure which part of the animal they came from.

I wouldn't buy any red meat from butchers in Turkey, or any sandwiches/hamburgers with red meat from fast-food joints .