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Protein Powder Recommendations

Hey Comrades,

I’m new to the forum and to fitness.

I’ve recently bought an Abs toning belt and press up bars which bloody kill me tbh. 5 reps and I’m fucking blowing out my arse.

I was thinking of buying some protein powder to promote bone growth and density and maybe help me build my biceps up for more reps.

Any of you guys got advice ?


One that you digest well, the rest is mostly marketing

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If you can find one that you can use long-term, with a certain degree of flexibility, and enough Daily servings to meet your goals without breaking the bank, then you’re pretty much going to be happy with it.

It sounds like ad copy because this is technically Biotest‘s site, but I’ve been using their protein powder for about 20 years now. I mix different flavors together, I take it straight, I mix it into other foods, I’ve even microwaved it so I could put it in my pocket like a muffin or brownie.

Flexibility, consistency, digestibility and affordability.



Got any home-made protein bar recipes you could share?
I haven’t heard of the microwave thing.


It’s not exactly a protein bar, but Stu mentioned a brownie, which reminded of something I used to make rather frequently.

In a standard-sized coffee cup, thoroughly mix the following:

1 egg
1 tbsp water
2 tbsp melted butter
1 tbsp nut butter
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (I use MusclePharm Combat, milk chocolate flavor)

Microwave for ~1 minute, devour.

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So I’ll basically pour it over every meal?

I’m 6ft 1 and 10 stone, I’m looking to get fuckin hench. Then I’m gonna destroy tinder.

100 gms a day is good insurance.

@spiceweasel. Ill try that today.


Always liked the chocolate just got too expensive

Believe me, what I would do is pretty far from a protein bar recipe that most people would enjoy. It was always a matter of addressing my goals over making myself comfortable.

I’d basically mix a few scoops of Metabolic Drive powder in a bowl with very little water. Sometimes I’d add in peanut butter or powdered PB. Then I’d microwave the bowl, causing most of the water to evaporate, leaving a “puffy brick” with a much better macro breakdown than any off the shelf protein bar. Wrap it up in some foil and stuff it in your pocket and you’re ready to head out without worrying about staying on your plan or smelling like You’ve got chicken or boiled eggs in your pockets :slight_smile:



Just a heads up, dude - no matter what protein powder you choose, at 6’1 140# it’s gonna take a long time to get ‘hench’. Good on you for starting out, just manage your expectations for being jacked in less than several years of hard training and eating until you’re uncomfortably full.


^this. Of course I will admit that if you’re not used to eating sufficiently/properly for growth, using protein supplements to meet your daily requirements can help a lot.


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I’m in tears at the idea that someone wants a protein powder to smash Tinder :joy::joy: