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Protein Powder Per Day

How much Protein powder do you guys eat per day?

I go through about 80g (2.82 oz) on non-workout days and 120-130g (4.23-4.58 oz) on workout days.

I weigh about 160lbs and take in about 80g in powder (two different kinds) and the rest is made up in food to total about 140g/day. A little less on off days and a little more on training days. I do not count to the exact gram each and ever day but I shoot for about the 140g mark.

about 80g. my other 170g comes from food.

From 60-100grams depending on day

40-120g depending on if I’m working out and if there is any food here.

^^^ There’s people only taking in a total of 160-250 grams of protein a day???

Protein powder, on any given day, is generally anwhere from 100g - 250g… depending on the circumstances. School, work, too busy later in the week to sit around a grill for two hours, etc.

[quote]SSC wrote:
^^^ There’s people only taking in a total of 160-250 grams of protein a day???

At 1.5g per lb of body weight, that’s about 250g for me… I’m just a lil’ guy.

Usually 100-150 grams protein powder a day.
And total protein a day is about 250-300.

6-7 scoops optimum Nutrition 100% Whey

6-7 Scoops MD

However many grams that is–Probably a lot because most of my meals come from shakes

shakes as in just whey/water?

[quote]kickureface wrote:
shakes as in just whey/water?[/quote]

Nah a shake will be like 1 Scoop ON 100% whey, 1 Scoop MD, 1 scoop Met-rx Super greens, 1 scoop Lucine, fish oil caps, BCAA’s, and water…

Due to my job I can’t really eat normal food too often-- I have my food listed in my log “Alpha’s work” in the Training logs section if you want to see what an average day looks like