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Protein Powder or Not?

I have read several articles in many differnt forums, some state that protein powders are just as good as food (not better, but as good as).

I then turn around to read that protein powders are not to be used but a few times. I personally rely on protien powder to get alot of my protein intake. I also eat alot of regular protien items (ie tuna,fish,turkey) but a large portion comes from Protein powder.IS this OK or should I try to eat more food than P.P.?

Also, what’s up with the big tuna scare? Merc poisoning? any body know someone who flipped under due to too much tuna?

I have one more question that does not pertain to P.P.

I am currently trying to bring my arms up to meet the rest of my size. they are 17-17 1/4 inches. I am 240lbs fairly strong with a 45 inch chest. I feel that my arms look to small.
Does this sound correct? if so any ideas to crank my limbs to tree trunks? if they are in porportion please adise also… Thank you…

Most would say that the larger portion of your protein intake should come from real foods. Powders are supplements. They are designed to be used in conjunction with a good diet, not in place of one.

As for the tuna, read this:

Eat food whenever possible and use protein powder to get you up to your desired daily protein intake.

I wouldn’t get too hung up on the amount you use unless you find that you’re getting lazy and beginning to get all of your protein from supplements.

Arm measurements can be highly controversial. I wouldn’t worry about the actual number. If you’re bodybuilding, it’s all about the look and not what a tape measure says anyway. After all, bodybuilding judges don’t measure contestant’s bodyparts. It’s all about overall size, symmetry, and porportion.

[quote]ChrisKing wrote:
Good info…

Blah…blah…It’s all about overall size, symmetry, and proportion.[/quote]

Not at the Olympia :wink:

Well… How is your diet working for you? Are you achieving the goals you want with the protein you are taking? If not, you might need to evaluate your current diet and make the necessary changes.

Powders are just a supplement to a balanced diet and good training. They are not to be consumed exclusively.