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Protein Powder Mix

What do you guys mix your protein powder with? I usually just stir mine up with some orange juice, and eat my fruits and vegetables whole, but I just read in Berardi’s Lean Eatin’ part 2 that you should avoid fruit juices. What gives?

Technically fruit juices require different stuff to digest. I find that information like this just makes me think too much about something that actually helps very little in life. The useful acid test for this is “does mixing protein and fruit juice make me fart or give me upset stomach or indigestion?” If the answer is ‘no’ then it’s not a problem as far as I’m concerned.

I mix mine with water or whole milk like a true spartan.

Water, mostly. The powder I use tastes phenomenal, so that does the trick. If it works diet-wise I blend with frozen berries.

Another great-tasting thing is mixing some kefir (cultured milk, sort of like yogurt but milkier) with a Splenda packet and the protein. For a really rich-tasting smoothie you can add berries or other fruit to that mixture.

Of course, post-workout it’s water, protein, and carbo powder.

What I mix my protein with is really dependent on my goals at that time.

If I’m looking to gain weight (and therefore need more calories), I will mix the protein with whole or 2% milk. If I really need extra calories I mix the dry protien powder with a tablespoon or two of natural peanut butter and a few ounces of milk to make a delicious pudding.

If I’m in the process of cutting, I skip the milk and peanut butter and use only water.

Berardi’s comment about avoiding fruit juices has to do with a couple factors.

One, is that a vast majority of fruit juices contain extra sugar, usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup (Which in case you didn’t know is bad, use the search feature to look it up).

Another is that fruit juices taste good and therefore it is very easy to consume too much juice. Liquid calories tend to add up quickly.

Finally, most fruit juices contain little if any real fruit. Thus, you miss out on all the health benefits of fruit (fiber, phytochemicals, etc.)

If you really like fruit juice I recommend buying a juicer and doing it yourself.

Hope that helps.

PWO…I mix my protein powder with Powerade.

It’s delicious and I look forward to it after every training session.