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Protein Powder=Loose Stools=No Absorbtion???


Hello everyone, I recently purchased a different protein powder and shortly after I take it my stools are very loose(runny). My question is, does this mean that I am not absorbing the protein powder and my body isn't utilizing it? Or this it possible my body is using it and it just happens to be that it gives me loose stools.

I just dont want to be wasting money on this particular protein powder if im not able to absorb it. Thanks in advance and sorry for the gross thread! I've been searching for prior posts on this subject and couldn't find anything on it.


I have had similar issues with every protein powder I've ever used. The only thing that's not given me that problem is Biotest Grow!. Before that, I used Max Protein from GNC, and then some crap powder from Wal-Mart. It wasn't every time, but quite often I would shit with a fury unknown by any man, woman, or child. It was awful.

Yeah, it costs a little more, but my advice is to go with Grow!. The extra price is worth keeping my colon intact.


I never had a problem with the Scivation Whey but I switched to a Gemma Pea protein for TP and ive been getting the shits, nothing terrble just a small spat about an hour or two after taking it.


As for your body not absorbing it I believe that you actually pee the protein you dont use out. Is the rest of your diet good? You may find that you are getting too many fats and not enough fibre to hold it alltogether


Thats a good point. I do eat a ton of nuts/seeds, avacados, etc... so I do get alot of fat, but I have always eaten fats in this quantity. And my fiber intake is fairly good but it has been lower recently.


Put benefiber in your shake. See if that helps.


maybe you don't have the right digestive enzymes to handle the gemma protein. and can i ask why you chose to use gemma instead of a different protein?


Take probiotics. Problem solved.


eat your veggies and you'll be crapping like a champ in no time.


try rice protien, sunwarrior is supposed to be good