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Protein Powder Induced GAS

Right now I am finishing up some Whey protein powder from a company that used to have MAD street cred. Since then they have sold out to the man something feirce. I acutally made gains on their products, like no other.
My problem is that I am getting some seriously nasty gas from this whey protein… Could it be the quality of the protein or possibly the sweetners they use? Any one else experience this kind of problem before? If you did have you found a good protein powder that doesn’t have this effect on your system? I am looking into purchasing some Surge and Grow! for my next round of supplements hopefully they won’t have the same affect on my intestinal tract. Or I might be sleeping in the garage using my power rack as a canopy bed…


Whey Protein Concentrate will give you gas. If you want to avoid it switch to whey isolate. Also if you read any of my threads; Rapid Weight Gain; Softer Side; you’ll see I had massive gas the first two weeks I started bulking. I don’t have any anymore.

Back in my early days of training and using supplements, I tried the eas meal replacements and bars. I can tell you in all honesty I will not, I repeat will not, ever ingest another one of those gas factories in my life! The noxious fumes that were produced would have been lethal medicine on bull rhinos in the African bush.

I remember giving one to an uncle to try and he accused me of poisoning him. He was doubled over with gas cramps for an entire evening! I have never had that problem with Grow!