Protein Powder in Sydney Australia?

what do you guys in sydney use?
something that can be bought around here, not ordered in.

I use Balance brand on occasion for convenience, available from most health food stores. I also use Biotest Australia and Biotest US. Recently my stepson tried Venom from NZ and he said it was pretty cheap, but I have no idea about the quality.

I’d stick to Biotest here or the US but be sure to combine an order if you’re getting it from the US, the shipping is huge!

I use Good cheap plain unflavoured protein.

I use Optimum Nutrition, have used a little Biotest Classic Grow! several years back (best tasting protein ever) and some local brands in the past like Max’s. I like ON due to the relatively low cost (buy the 10lb bags online, incl shipping the total cost is around $150AUD) that will last you a few months. Each serve has a generous helping of glutamine and BCAA as well.

In the grand scheme of things though, don’t sweat too much about your brand of protein, the important thing is hard work and consistency in training, diet and recovery. Some don’t use any protein powders at all and have achieve great gains. I use it as a convenience (esp for breakfast when I am pressed for time).

Good luck.

thanks guys.

bsn syntha 6 is fairly priced at gnc 2.5kg for about 70

there a place called mikes? at burwood
GNC in city? chatswood
theres places like discount vitamins
everywhere, like strathfield, market city (chinatown)
last week i saw mushashi at WOOLIES burwood

now that ive told you where to find protien

do u mind telling me where i can find NAtural peanut butter?

lol couldnt find it in woolies, coles today

Coles moved the natty PB from the PB section to the health food section. Bunch of retards. You can find almond butter in the same place.

health food section LOL

never knew there was one