protein powder flavoring

I just bought some unflavored rice protein powder, and, as I suspected, it tastes like shit if you just mix it with water. So far I’ve tried mixing it with chocolate milk, and have thought of mixing it with hershey’s syrup, but I’m curious if anyone else has come up with ways to make protein powder more palatable.

You can mix it with Gatorade powder. Orange and fruit punch are great. Or you could also just mix it with real fruit like pineapple.

yea. found a way. wave a magic wand over rice protein and turn it into Grow…what you skimp on price comes to bite you in the ass in quality and taste bro.


Get some real protein.

RICE? is that even a complete protein…

All the same, you can use Crystal Light for flavour.

sugar free jello

Mix it with good tasting whey.

Before flaming this guy for choosing rice protein, let’s assume he is a vegan or is rotating his protein sources because of allergies. To answer the question, try some Splenda with flavoured extracts such as vanilla, orange or coconut.

drew i gave up falvourless whey the day i bought EAS original flavour.

makes me wanna puke up thinking about it


Nobody is flaming him for using rice protein, are they? Rice protein is an excellent product, just tough to find a good tasting brand.

“Before flaming this guy for choosing rice protein, let’s assume he is a vegan”

ok then, lets flame him for being a vegan!

no I’m not a vegan, just a college student trying to save some money by using an inexpensive protein powder for meals. I still use cassein or whey for post workout. Plus my roommates were threatening to throw me out after some of the stinkbombs i released when constantly drinking whey protein.

and what the hell is wrong with beign a vegan anyway? I have a couple of vegetarina and vegan friends, one of them is an ass-kicking son of a bitch who competes in grappling and MMA.

thanks to everyone for the suggestions

Use some Splenda and ground cinnamon.

well rice protein i dont beilieve is a complete protein so make sure you add some legumes or beans of the sort to the meals you fortify it with. rice and beans balance their defecianies out. Also you might want to try out a different way product and get some enzymes or bromelain, to help fully digest more proteins, i dont think rice prot. will help you in the methane production area. Also rice is about 65-70 % absorbable just like good old crap soy.

Good rice protein brands are complete proteins from my understanding. I’m not sure how this is done in the process of preparing it, but plenty of people rely on it and do fine.

This kind of reminds me of Seinfeld.
Jerry: "Yeah, he eats rice protein. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!
Costanza: “Not at all!”
Jerry: “Rice protein is a perfectly fine source of meeting your protein needs.”
Costanza: “My father eats rice protein!”

Terry gave me a great tip once…fat free, sugar free pudding. Use a little to add flavor, or use more and actually make protein pudding. Great for variety.