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Protein Powder Every Day?

Good day,

I’ve taken a protein powder every day that I have trained for the last two years. I’m not even sure I need it with all the food I eat. So I guess what I’m asking is if I even need to take it . I’ve put on some serious size in the last few years unfortunately now it’s starting to show around the waist.

It’s probably a safe bet that most people here have some protein powder every day.

That would depend on:
1 - The food you’re eating.
2 - How much protein powder you’re having daily.
3 - Your current height, weight, and bodyfat.
and 4 - Your current goal.


That’s not from protein powder.

I certainly eat a lot four or five times a day. I’m 5’ 9’’ 215lbs. I’ve gained 35lbs in two years. A good majority of that is muscle but certainly some fat. I train four days a week using 531 for strength and mass goals in mind.

what are your best lifts on the main 5 3 1 lifts? estimated 1rms?

OHP 190
Bench 250
Deadlift 387
Squat 376

then you’re carrying a lot of fat, not just ‘some’. You could easily have those lifts at 35 lbs less than what you weigh now. which tells me a significant portion of what you’ve gained actually is fat. I highly recommend bringing the calories down. TBH, eliminating the protein shakes COULD be a solution, although maybe not the best one. What do your solid food choices look like? Can you list your typical food intake in a give day? just kind of given me an idea of where most of your calories are coming from. liquid sources count too.

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Is that lbs. or kilos?

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Lbs lol

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Honestly I don’t have a daily set diet the days of eating nothing but chicken and rice are long gone. I basically eat whatever I want which clearly isn’t working anymore. Four to five hours of lifting with maybe a hour of cardio a week clearly isn’t enough to require the amount I do. I haven’t ever had to watch what I’ve eaten but given my age and fact that I really don’t require the amount I eat I basically asked and answered my own question. The shakes very well might be adding to the fat gain but certainly not all of it.

Yeah, I only ask because sometimes the response is kilos, which warrants a “keep doin what you’re doin. Don’t worry about what we think!”.

i’m not sugggesting you do that. That’s not a good diet for anyone.


It really would be helpful to know more specifically what it is that you ‘want/like to eat’. To figure out if protein reduction makes sense, I’d need to know more. Like, are you eating a lot of junk food high in carbs? A lot of processed foods? Eating whatever you want means different things to different people. I’ve heard people say this before, and it turns out that means just enormous amounts of meat to them.

I think if you’re eating a diet high in sugar and processed carbs, the simple answer is to eliminate those completely, or close to it if you can, and leave the protein shakes in. If you’re eating… more than 200g protein per day of meat/whole foods, then the shakes may indeed be what should go.


I wouldn’t say I eat junk food at all. I eat a tremendous amount of protein and carbs. My wife makes a serious effort to ensure we have nutritious meals every day. The problem is there very heavy meals, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, steak and potatoes, just about any Italian dish you can think of lol. It’s nice to finally have home cooked meals every night, it’s not so nice for me to have double or triple portions. And then to slam down a shake right after working out and with two or three scoops in it probably doesn’t help. I just need to work harder in the gym and harder in the kitchen.

I find protein powder useful in a few situations:

Where you are finding it difficult to fit your protein needs in with your calorie and budget constraints.

And when you want some protein before or after training (or during, or anything where you need to move about a lot like someone who drives for a living, I guess) . Powder is much easier to consume and it sits more comfortably in your stomach.

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If you reduce this amount from tremendous, you will see the results you want.

Also, be aware, from what you have described, you are most likely getting in a tremendous amount of fats too, which would mean just a tremendous amount of food.


Thank you everyone. Appreciate all the responses. Pretty straight forward. Stop eating like a pig, take your protein,keep training and it will turn around lol. Just needed to hear somebody else say it.

Yea 100g carbs from a sweet potato is a fuckton different from 100g carbs from lasagna. The lasagna probably has 35g fat going with it lol

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Blaming the shakes for fat gain when you “basically eat whatever I want” and have triple servings at dinner is like blaming a weak overhead press on not doing enough lunges. You’re majoring in the minors, nutrition-style. Fix the bigger problems first.

It’s so weird that people consistently overlook the fact that conditioning work is a key part of 5/3/1. Double-check the plan and fix your training, along with following some semblance of structured nutrition.