Protein Powder and Indigestion

Can I get some posts concerning a good protein powder that digests well?

I’m currently taking a whey concentrate powder made by Interactive which was on sale for a good deal. The protein levels per scoop are quite good, but this stuff…I take it before bed, and all the next day, the gas/visits to the bathroom/smell are simply unbelievable, the worst in my personal history. I farted on the bus yesterday, and the odour was so spectacularly repugnant, I wondered if the fumes had burned a hole in my pants (nobody was around, and I either had to let it rip, or else suffer some kind of hemmorage).

A few other questions:

1.) Are these effects actually a good thing? A sign of the digestive process doing its work?

2.) Does quantity matter? I frequently make a shake with maybe 5-7 scoops of this stuff for 100-120 gms at a time. Too much?

3.) Do pretty much all the MRP powders do this? I’ve had this effect with other brands in the past, but my current lack of success with this product is definitely the worst yet.

4.) I know you get what you pay for, but I can’t afford Biotest stuff, even if I could find it in Canada…this MRP was $50 Cdn. for 5 pounds…did anyone have some success with a 5 pounder in the 50-70 range?

Thanks for all replies.

I have had the exact same problems with every protein powder I’ve tried. Though I didn’t take the same volume of them as you did. This was at a rate of maybe 40-80 grams of protein from MRPs a day. It got to the point where they were just causing general nausea, indigestion, and discomfort.

I just assumed it was some kind of lactose intolerance that I wasn’t aware of, and swore off the shakes. Was I wrong? Does anyone else have anymore info?

Whey Protein Concentrate causes GI problems for just about everyone (I think). I would definintely limit the amount that you take in everyday.

Spectacularly repugnant odor. I had to laugh!!!

You’re taking in 100-120 grams of protein per shake? Maybe I read this post incorrectly…

Unless you’re on some heavy anabolics, there is no way that you should be taking that much protein at one time. 40-50 grams would probably be more appropriate. Anything above that just isn’t going to be utilized for lean mascle gains. Your body will store it or you’ll just poop it out. It’s no wonder you’re getting so much GI distress. Back off a bit and see how that works. Drink tons of water too as it will aid in the process of the over-all digestion.
Good luck!

I have never had any gas with the Grow proteins; zip, nada, none. (And no I’m not shilling for Biotest.) I guess I must process whey better than most people. You might consider eating some plain yoghurt, or mixing a tablespoon in with your protein. The yoghurt might provide some of the micro-organisms your gut needs to process food properly. You especially need some yoghurt if you’ve been on anti-biotics for a while, since the anti-biotics will kill some of your beneficial intestinal flora.

You can also try some oil of oregano capsules, if you can find them. They help relieve gas very well, but you can usually only find them at an herbalist or a naturopathic physician; health food stores don’t seem to carry them.

No, you read that right. I have been reading about the body’s requirements for protein in weights, and this is the only feasible way I can intake it. I wanted to get a good 200 grams a day (I weigh 185 currently), working out 5 times a week with high volume (25-35 sets per workout, no anabolics). My spare time is such that the best time for me to chug the shake is right after I finish working out, in this big quantity.

Also, I read that there is nothing conclusive saying that your body can’t handle more than “X” amount of protein at once. I think though from now on, I’ll split it up so each shake is maybe 50-60 at a time. Maybe one for breakfast.

I’ve actually only been taking the super high levels of protein for 5 weeks now, and I’ve put on 6-8 pounds in that time, so I guess that’s good. In spite of the frequent visits to the head!

What city do you live in?? You can also order online from They have great prices including Biotest products. When I am broke I buy xtreme power meal by Bio-x, in 2 scoops you get 300 cals, 48 grms protein, 5 gms fat and 15 gms carbs, it has a mixture of whey isolate&concentrate. Tastes good and very litle gas. Cost $64 dollars for 5 lbs.

Spanky, It is not just you. I thought it was me that only had this problem as well. It seems that no matter which one I tried it always made me sick to my stomach and I wanted to throw up without fail. I have finally found one that does not do it to me but it is a meal replacement shake not a whey supplement. I wish I knew what caused this sick feeling though.